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Spider-Man's Amazing Return: Catching Up With The Marvel Universe

Here's a rundown of the big events that have happened since Peter last wore the webs!

Peter Parker has returned! After a year with Doctor Octopus behind Spider-Man's mental steering wheel, the one true web-slinger makes his triumphant comeback this Wednesday in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1. With his SUPERIOR days behind him, the new old Spider-Man can get back to doing what he does best: saving the day with a smile under his mask.

But not everything in the Marvel Universe has stayed the same since Peter Parker last rocked the webs. A number of big events have gone down in his absence and some of his dearest friends have moved on.

Someone's going to have to fill Peter in on the time that two invading alien forces threatened to simultaneously destroy Earth. While his Avengers teammates battled the all-powerful Builder force in deep space, Thanos and his Black Order launched a massive hostile takeover of Spidey's home planet. Doc Ock, as Spider-Man, helped the newly formed Mighty Avengers fight off Thanos' minion Proxima Midnight, majorly annoying Luke Cage and his team in the process.

Spidey's old buddy Wolverine has gone through a big change since the two last clashed wits. Logan lost his healing factor after getting infected with an intelligent virus, and now the clawed Canadian Avenger has to wear a full suit of body armor. Peter also has some competition for the position of Wolverine's comic relief now that Nightcrawler has returned to Earth after a stint in Heaven.

Peter might be surprised to learn that there's another Spider-Man swinging through New York City. Miguel O'Hara, the Spider-Man of the year 2099, traveled to the present in order to stop a series of radical anomalies threatening to wipe out his home era. He became stranded in the past after succeeding in his mission and fighting with – and later alongside – the Superior Spider-Man. Now undercover as Michael O'Mara, the future Spider-Man spends his time protecting the timestream from his kinda crazy grandfather, Ty Stone.

The Tristate's super hero ranks have swelled thanks to the explosion of a Terrigen bomb that unleashed the Inhumans' transformative mist all over the globe. Spider-Man might be shocked to learn about the growing number of civilians getting acclimated to their new powers. Just across the Hudson River, young Kamala Khan's trying to figure out how to balance her life as a super hero with her responsibilities as a high school student, something that Peter Parker knows all about.



It might come as a relief to Peter that the Earth doesn't have to fear Galactus anymore, but he should really check in on his Ultimate Universe buddy Miles Morales. After the two wall-crawlers teamed up in SPIDER-MEN, a slightly more experienced Morales helped fight back Galactus' overwhelming hunger and lost his father's approval in the process. Miles even paid a visit to Peter's home dimension, but the original Spider-Man wasn't "home."

There's one less crimson-colored crusader protecting Manhattan. Daredevil's packed up his life and taken it across the country to San Francisco, where he can practice law after being disbarred by the New York Supreme Court. With ol' hornhead surfing cable cars on the west coast, Spider-Man might just have to pick up the slack.

Wolverine's not the only one of Peter's Avengers buddies to undergo a drastic status quo shift. Captain Marvel, the closest thing Spider-Man has to a big sister, has moved even farther away from New York City than Daredevil. Carol Danvers recently accepted the role as Resident Space Avenger, and she's currently on a diplomatic mission to return a refugee alien to her home planet. Let's just hope Peter Parker doesn't need any of Carol's advice any time soon.

Check out Peter Parker's big return this Wednesday in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1!

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NIce recap,but I dont think Peter Parker and Carol Danvers see each other as brothers.(Miss Marvel 34(2009) and Spider-man Siege #1,to see what I'm talking about.)