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C2E2 2014: Deadpool: Dracula's Gauntlet

Gerry Duggan and Reilly Brown bring the hit Infinite Comics adventure of Wade Wilson to print!

This July, for the first time in print, fans will be able to witness the beginnings of the senses shattering romance between Deadpool and succubus queen Shiklah! Originally profiled in the Infinite Comics format by writers Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn along with artist Reilly Brown, DEADPOOL: DRACULA’S GAUNTLET will run as a weekly series for those who demand their Merc With a Mouth in the oh-so physical.

“At this point, readers know that in DEADPOOL #27, Deadpool married Shiklah, the character introduced in the Infinite Comic as the fiancée of Dracula,” notes editor Jordan White. “We did our best to introduce [her] into Deadpool’s ongoing series in a way that also worked for those readers not purchasing DEADPOOL: THE GAUNTLET. That said Deadpool and Shiklah’s romance was just too good of a story to hold back. We want all Deadpool readers to be able to share in the tale.”

“At [their] core Infinite Comics are still comics, and they work just as well on paper,” writer Gerry Duggan contents. “The response to THE GAUNTLET was tremendous. I'm glad that anyone that abstained from the story because it couldn't slide into their long box after will now get the chance to enjoy it. It was a hell of a lot of fun to write.”

Transitioning from digital to print though does present challenges all its own, to fit to the format without losing something in translation.

“Yeah, making an Infinite Comic is a lot different than your average print comic,” admits artist Reilly Brown. “While working on it, I was very dedicated to using all the benefits of the digital medium to their fullest potential, and not worrying about how it would work in print. Now that we're putting a print version together, that attitude looks like it may have come back to bite me!

      “But that's okay, it's just another challenge. In the end I'm sure I'll be able to come up with something that works just as well in print as it did digitally.”

      “In particular there are a few scenes from when we first introduced Shiklah where the screen scrolled from bottom to top within the same image for a slow reveal, but we never saw the whole thing all at once,” the artist continues, offering an example of a change. “Now, in the printed version, readers will be able to see the complete image for the first time.

      “For anyone who wants to compare the two versions, I think those would be interesting places to see the difference in how print and digital comics work, and what makes them both unique and cool.”

      The change over offers a few unexpected benefits as well.

      “I'm especially grateful that the page count didn't quite add up on the print version and we were left with eight pages,” reveals Duggan. “It's the perfect length for an epilogue. Little hiccups like page counts are opportunities. I think the new short is fun, I know it will play on the expectations of fans, and that's always the part I enjoy the most. I know Reilly will kill it.”

      In the end, everyone seems thrilled to offer the comic in a format that will be read by even more fans.

      “The most common comment from longtime print readers was ‘I wish this was in print’,” recalls Duggan. “Well, Marvel listened and your wishes have been granted.”

      Get all the news from C2E2 courtesy of Marvel.com!



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