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Marvel Universe

Relive the Five Biggest Marvel Super Hero Brawls

Prep for Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes by checking out these epic battles!

Pick your favorite super heroes and get ready for adventure with "Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes"! With new characters from across the Marvel Universe and original, character driven stories, "Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes" will deliver new gameplay to the Disney Infinity gaming platform.

Marvel Comics fans know that some of the greatest and most exciting Marvel adventures happen when everyone gets involved, so in true Marvel Comics fashion, more than 20 new super-powered characters – all with unique skills and powers – will participate in the game. In order to prepare for this large scale and all-encompassing gaming experience, check out these five super hero brawls that prove that bigger is better!

1. Marvel Super Heroes vs. Galactus

A cosmic entity called the Beyonder abducted a selection of Marvel's heroes and villains to an artificial planet dubbed Battleworld. The opposing factions set aside their differences when the all-powerful Galactus turned his infinite hunger towards Battleworld. Together, the combined might of the Avengers, Fantastic Four, and X-Men ruined Galactus' appetite.

2. Marvel Super Heroes vs. Thanos

Possessed of the power of the fully assembled Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos took on every one of the Marvel Universe's heavy-hitters – and came out unscathed! Powerhouses like the Hulk and Drax bent to his will, Wolverine's adamantium-laced skeleton proved breakable, and Thor shattered like glass against his blows. This specific slugfest doesn't have the happiest ending, and that makes it even more exhilarating. 

3. Captain America vs. Iron Man

With the Superhuman Registration Act tearing apart the super hero community into opposing political factions, armies led by Captain America and Iron Man finally clashed in this hero-on-hero melee. Spider-Man vs. Mister Fantastic, Iron Man vs. Vision, Captain America vs. Bishop, Wonder Man vs. Cloak, Hercules vs. Thor's clone – these battles and more all caused untold collateral damage to Manhattan's city streets, possibly proving the validity of the very law Captain America rallied his troops against.

4. Marvel Super Heroes vs. the Skrulls

After the splintering effect of Civil War, it took an old-fashioned alien invasion to reunite Earth's heroes against a common foe. Once the shape-shifting Skrulls' plans for a hostile takeover came to light, a full on war between Earth's mightiest heroes and Earth's vilest invaders broke out in Central Park. With the fate of the planet in jeopardy, even villains like the Hood, Bullseye, and Venom joined forces with the New Avengers!

5. Avengers vs. the X-Men

An alien force brought the Marvel super heroes together, and another alien force tore them apart again. With the Phoenix – a cosmic force of death and rebirth – on a collision course with Earth, the Avengers confronted the X-Men about Hope Summers, the alien entity's assumed host vessel. A fight broke out on the beaches of the X-Men's island Utopia, putting Avengers like Captain America, Red Hulk, Luke Cage, Iron Man, and Quicksilver, up against X-Men like Colossus, Namor, Emma Frost, and Magneto. The tremors from this seismic shift in the Marvel Universe can still be felt today.

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