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Happy Birthday

Cut the Cake and Wish X-23 a Happy 10th Birthday!

Wolverine's teen clone first popped her claws back in 2004!!

X-23 might not play up the fact that she's come a long way in her first decade in the Marvel Universe, but that doesn't change the fact that she's become an enduring and popular member of the X-Men family. She's served as a member of Wolverine's X-Force squad, taken classes at both the Xavier Institute and Avengers Academy, and slashed her way through the horrors of the Facility and AVENGERS ARENA.

Laura Kinney first appeared in a Marvel comic 10 years ago in NYX #3 by Joe Quesada and Josh Middleton after her debut on the "X-Men: Evolution" animated series in an episode written by Craig Kyle. The issue doesn't reveal much about X-23; she's initially depicted as a mute teenage girl working the streets of Manhattan's Mutant Town district.  

      X-23 eventually broke out of her traumatizing status quo and escaped from the clutches of her abusive employer thanks to the help of a few mutant allies she met in District X.

      Laura popped up again a few months later in UNCANNY X-MEN #450 by Chris Claremont and Alan Davis. The streets of Manhattan's mutant town had not become any friendlier in the interim between NYX and this issue of UNCANNY X-MEN. In fact, hostile humans regularly patrolled the neighborhood's alleyways for people to attack. As a survivor of the district's mean streets, X-23 took it upon herself to protect those in need, using lethal force if necessary. 

          One such act of protection left a number of humans dead, and forced District X's mortician to contact the X-Men. A small group arrived in Mutant Town, surprised to find a theme bar celebrating mutant culture.  

              Unbeknownst to Wolverine's team, the mysterious mutant slasher had gotten a job waiting tables in the bar. Fittingly, X-23's chose a wait tables in a replica of a uniform that Wolverine briefly wore while on an outer space adventure. The X-Men saw through X-23's cover – having a telepath on their side really paid off – and moved to engage the teen mutant. Threatened, Laura Kinney put up a fight.

                  Don't worry, Wolverine got better. He even forgave Laura for sticking two adamantium claws in his gut. 10 years later and X-23's still fighting off her more feral tendencies, except now she's doing it as a trusted member of Kitty Pryde's squadron of teen X-Men in the pages of ALL-NEW X-MEN.

                  For all-new X-23 action, check out ALL-NEW X-MEN!



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                  Rosas717 member

                  At a time when I was struggling to get out of a certain lifestyle, X23 and her struggle to fight against her Killer upbringing gave me a sense of hope that would help me give up that lifestyle for good. If it wasn't for X23 I would definitely be in a darker place. HAPPY BDay X23


                  You forgot to mention that X23 was actually created by Craig Kyle for X-Men: Evolution (of which I was the Head Writer), and from there she spread into publishing.


                  That's interesting bc X-Men: Evolution ep 3.10 "X23" first aired August 2, *2003*