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Marvel 75th Anniversary

Follow the History of Ant-Man Pt. 3

Scott Lang renews his rivalry with Taskmaster, aids the Avengers in their darkest hour, plus much more!

In 1962, the legacy of Ant-Man began; today, over five decades later, the legend has come to encompass multiple heroes and will take shape as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2015.

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of Marvel as well as prepare for Marvel’s “Ant-Man,” coming to theaters on July 17, 2015, learn all about the history of this unique hero.

Scott Lang’s learning curve as a new super hero in the 1980’s involved learning the ins and outs of the Ant-Man gear, teaming with experienced peers, and making new enemies, all the while keeping his secret safe from his daughter; how did he ever survive it all?

Intrigued by a swarm of agitated ants in MICRONAUTS #19, Scott Lang flew off as Ant-Man and into a wild adventure with denizens of the Microverse in MICRONAUTS #20. In MARVEL TEAM-UP #103, Lang joined forces with Spider-Man in an attempt to squash Taskmaster’s criminal academy, but the villain escaped once again.

Back at his job with Stark International, Scott attended a conclave for electronic engineers in IRON MAN #145, but when the Raiders crashed the party, Lang found them an overwhelming force without his Ant-Man equipment at hand. Later, in IRON MAN #151, he put Hank Pym’s inventions to good use when the Stark G.A.R.D. computer went haywire on him and he entered its insides to pull its plug.

Scott shrank down to his smallest size yet in MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE #87 to aid the Thing in a microscopic world. Queen Pearla’s gladiator arena presented a dangerous challenge, but Ben Grimm and Ant-Man combined forces to escape back to their own world.

After discovering the Avengers’ archer Hawkeye trapped in a carnival cage with a hungry lion in AVENGERS #223, Lang once again helped foil the Taskmaster’s schemes and save an innocent audience from a deadly cannon. In AVENGERS #224, the new Ant-Man secretly visited his benefactor Hank Pym in prison. Pym, accused of trumped-up crimes, refused Lang’s offer to bust him out, wanting to clear his name above-board.

INCREDIBLE HULK #285 revealed Scott Lang’s new position as foreman on the construction of Bruce Banner’s Northwind Observatory. The newbie crusader hoped to solicit Banner for his philosophy on being a hero, but the Hulk’s human alter-ego declined to comment, resisting the entire notion.

A massive flood in Ontario, Canada brought Ant-Man in to help in ROM #58, where he also found Alpha Flight on the scene alongside Rom and his Spaceknights. The alien Wraiths transformed ordinary ants into monsters, so Lang utilized his shrinking gas to send himself and the Spaceknights on a quest for answers. A battle with the mutated insects occurred in ROM #59, but Lang’s summoning of unchanged ants and Rom’s Neutralizer saved the day.

When the Masters of Evil invaded Avengers Mansion and beat Hercules to a pulp, Ant-Man rushed in to help the Wasp in AVENGERS #275 and defend the comatose demi-god in his hospital bed from the Absorbing Man and Titania. Scott stuck around to help the Avengers in their great time of need by infiltrating the Mansion in AVENGERS #276 and taking out the wily Fixer. Then, in AVENGERS #277, Ant-Man witnessed the final battle between Captain America and Baron Zemo, which ended the entire desperate situation.

Scott moved to Los Angeles in IRON MAN #224, and later, in IRON MAN #225, helped Tony Stark break into Hammer Industries to download data on stolen Iron Man armor technology. After the so-called “Armor Wars,” Ant-Man lent a hand once again to his boss when Stark stood accused of crimes during his quest to recover his property.

A trip down into the sewers to fight rats and spiders in MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS #11 probably felt tame to Scott Lang after his many adventures with other heroes, but he brought the decade to a close in MARVEL FANFARE #44 alongside Iron Man again while on a trip to Latveria and all the doom and dangers such a sojourn may bring.

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