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Original Sin

Relive Five Throw Downs and Bro-Downs from Hulk & Iron Man

Prepare for Original Sin by exploring Bruce Banner and Tony Stark's complicated history!

The relationship between science bros Bruce Banner and Tony Stark can only be described one way: it's complicated. Hulk and Iron Man often serve as allies on the Avengers, but that doesn't mean they can always put their differences aside. Sure, they're both among the smartest super heroes in the Marvel Universe, but one of them has an uncontrollable ego and the other turns into an uncontrollable rage monster. Enjoy five stories to get you up to speed on their relationship before Shellhead and the Jade Giant cross paths in June as part of Original Sin.

Incredible Hulk #131

Incredible Hulk (1962) #131 Cover

Split apart from Bruce Banner and on the run from the police, the Hulk holed up in a burned out tenement building in Los Angeles. General Ross enlisted Iron Man to help force the Hulk into merging with his human side again, putting Stark in the peculiar position of working physically alongside Banner to defeat the Green Goliath. The plan worked, but not without a lot of collateral damage.

In one of their next encounters, Iron Man and the Hulk came to blows over the emerald behemoth's choice of snacks. The Hulk caused a massive traffic jam when he started chowing down on spilled fruit from an overturned delivery truck, and became even more agitated when Tony Stark insisted he make his meal to-go and clear the road. After reverting him back into his human form, though, Stark took care of Banner, taking the scientist back to his penthouse and giving him some much needed rest. If you want a scene between Tony, wearing nothing but a towel, and Bruce, clad in a in a fur-lined purple robe, then this is the issue for you!

The heroes crossed paths again as adversaries in IRON MAN #247, but this time they didn't trade a single blow. As muscle-for-hire Mr. Fixit, the Hulk kidnapped the Madame Masque and delivered her to HYDRA, which in turn led to Iron Man being called in to rescue the villainess. If a squad of robots called Dreadnoughts hadn't kept the Hulk busy, he might have been able to prevent Iron Man from ruining his gig.

The Hulk changes temperaments just as often as Iron Man changes armor. For this throwdown, a super smart and super green Hulk went up against Tony Stark's latest iron invention: the Hulkbuster armor. But in this battle of brawn, brains became the winner when the Hulk called Iron Man out for jumping to conclusions. For the first time in their history, the Hulk outsmarted Iron Man. 

Fed up with being known solely as a force for destruction, Banner hooked up with S.H.I.E.L.D. in order to use their equipment to create beneficial scientific breakthroughs. In return, S.H.I.E.L.D. got to control the Hulk, unleashing Banner's alter ego on evildoers every time he felt a little green. Tony dropped in to help Bruce with a project in the Himalayas, but Stark's arrogance mixed with Banner's self-esteem issues proved to be the perfect ingredients for a Hulk attack. The two fought past their differences, leading Tony to gain some respect for his science bro.

ORIGINAL SIN: IRON MAN VS. HULK smashes into stores this June!



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And yet they forgot WWH where Hulk smashed the snot out of Stark in his most powerful Hulkbuster suit ever created. Proven fact that Marvel is ignoring crucial points where characters like Hulk/Banner actually progressed, where as now Mark Waid & Marvel have ruined/erased this progression and extremely regressed the Hulk/Banner to suit their lackluster needs.