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Make Yours Marvel with Sam Humphries

The newly-exclusive writer of Legendary Star-Lord recounts his history with the House of Ideas and looks ahead to the future!



Pretty much every Marvel fan dreams of making a living telling stories about their childhood heroes. As a Marvel fan from way back, Sam Humphries can say the same.

After spending the last few years honing his unique voice and sending Marvel's heroes on mind-bending journeys in the pages of UNCANNY X-FORCE and AVENGERS A.I., Humphries has landed an exclusive contract with the House of Ideas. His next task: penning the galaxy-spanning adventures of intergalactic roustabout Peter Quill in LEGENDARY STAR-LORD.

Here's what Sam Humphries had to say about his history with Marvel Comics—and his future! What was your relationship like with Marvel Comics before becoming a writer?

Sam Humphries: I was a reader and fan from way back. SECRET WARS was my first comic book! I know every panel, every shape, every tiny figure expertly rendered by Mike Zeck. It's forever vivid to me, like the memories of my childhood home. When did writing for Marvel Comics become a goal for you?

      Sam Humphries: As a kid, writing and drawing comics in my bedroom. They weren't great: a super hero rip-off of GROO: THE WANDERER and WHAT THE--?!-style lampoons of the Marvel Universe. What was it like working on your first Marvel book?

      Sam Humphries: My first Marvel gig was JOHN CARTER: THE GODS OF MARS [in 2012] with editor Sana Amanat. That book was a blast to work on—but somehow the experience didn't make it into Sana's TED Talk. Must have been a mistake. What work are you most proud of in your tenure at Marvel so far?

      Sam Humphries: Tough question. Is it cheap to say LEGENDARY STAR-LORD? [Artist] Paco Medina just turned in a full page spread for issue #1; it's so beautiful—I can't stop looking at it.

 Is there one moment that sticks out over all the others, where it really hit you that you were writing for Marvel Comics?

          Sam Humphries: Probably the first time I did an official Marvel signing at a convention: C2E2 in 2012. It was me alongside Ramon Perez and Skottie Young, at a table in front of a giant banner of the Fantastic Four by Joe Quesada. They had my name on a sign and everything! Now I'm a bitter old diva, demanding my peach iced tea.

 What has most surprised you about working for Marvel?

          Sam Humphries: The impact accelerated shipping has had on all corners of the industry. It's a real game-changer.

 What goals do you have regarding your Marvel work, now that you’re exclusive?

          Sam Humphries: LEGENDARY STAR-LORD is a real opportunity for me to focus on a strong, character-driven adventure, and I hope to make the world fall in love with Peter Quill.

              LEGENDARY STAR-LORD by Sam Humphries and Paco Medina enters our galaxy this July!



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