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Guardians of the Galaxy

Make Yours Marvel with Sam Humphries

The newly-exclusive writer of Legendary Star-Lord recounts his history with the House of Ideas and looks ahead to the future!

Pretty much every Marvel fan dreams of making a living telling stories about their childhood heroes. As a Marvel fan from way back, Sam Humphries can say the same.

After spending the last few years honing his unique voice and sending Marvel's heroes on mind-bending journeys in the pages of UNCANNY X-FORCE and AVENGERS A.I., Humphries has landed an exclusive contract with the House of Ideas. His next task: penning the galaxy-spanning adventures of intergalactic roustabout Peter Quill in LEGENDARY STAR-LORD.

Here's what Sam Humphries had to say about his history with Marvel Comics—and his future!

Marvel.com: What was your relationship like with Marvel Comics before becoming a writer?

Sam Humphries: I was a reader and fan from way back. SECRET WARS was my first comic book! I know every panel, every shape, every tiny figure expertly rendered by Mike Zeck. It's forever vivid to me, like the memories of my childhood home.

      Marvel.com: When did writing for Marvel Comics become a goal for you?

      Sam Humphries: As a kid, writing and drawing comics in my bedroom. They weren't great: a super hero rip-off of GROO: THE WANDERER and WHAT THE--?!-style lampoons of the Marvel Universe.

      Marvel.com: What was it like working on your first Marvel book?

      Sam Humphries: My first Marvel gig was JOHN CARTER: THE GODS OF MARS [in 2012] with editor Sana Amanat. That book was a blast to work on—but somehow the experience didn't make it into Sana's TED Talk. Must have been a mistake.

      Marvel.com: What work are you most proud of in your tenure at Marvel so far?

      Sam Humphries: Tough question. Is it cheap to say LEGENDARY STAR-LORD? [Artist] Paco Medina just turned in a full page spread for issue #1; it's so beautiful—I can't stop looking at it.

          Marvel.com: Is there one moment that sticks out over all the others, where it really hit you that you were writing for Marvel Comics?

          Sam Humphries: Probably the first time I did an official Marvel signing at a convention: C2E2 in 2012. It was me alongside Ramon Perez and Skottie Young, at a table in front of a giant banner of the Fantastic Four by Joe Quesada. They had my name on a sign and everything! Now I'm a bitter old diva, demanding my peach iced tea.

          Marvel.com: What has most surprised you about working for Marvel?

          Sam Humphries: The impact accelerated shipping has had on all corners of the industry. It's a real game-changer.

          Marvel.com: What goals do you have regarding your Marvel work, now that you’re exclusive?

          Sam Humphries: LEGENDARY STAR-LORD is a real opportunity for me to focus on a strong, character-driven adventure, and I hope to make the world fall in love with Peter Quill.

              LEGENDARY STAR-LORD by Sam Humphries and Paco Medina enters our galaxy this July!



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