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Disney Kingdoms

Welcome Figment: Five More Marvelous Dragons

The Disney dragon becomes the latest in a long line of comic book fire breathers this June!

Look out, Lockheed, because there's a new dragon flying into town!

The iconic Disney parks character Figment will make his printed page debut as part of Marvel's new Disney Kingdoms line of comics when DISNEY KINGDOMS: FIGMENT #1 hits stores on June 4. The comic, written by Jim Zubkavich with art by Filipe Andrade, adapts the dragon into a new medium – a medium that has a history of creating fan-favorite dragons.

To welcome Figment to the comic book realm, we've assembled a list of five of the Marvel Universe's most prominent dragons, presented here in no particular order. Seriously, would you want to rank dragons and risk getting on any of their bad sides?


After making his debut way back in Marvel's monster-filled pre-FANTASTIC FOUR era, the alliteratively named Fin Fang Foom finally made the jump into continuity in 1991's LEGION OF NIGHT limited series. The biggest and baddest dragon around then immediately began giving Tony Stark trouble as a minion of the Mandarin in IRON MAN #261. But Fin Fang Foom could not be played for a fool; no, the dragon revealed himself to be an alien from the planet Kakaranathara, one with super smarts and plans of his own.


While he may look like a dragon, the misleadingly named Dragon Man actually began his life as an android built by an Empire State professor. Dragon Man only came to life after being subjected to the evil Diablo's alchemy powers. Initially a dim-witted enforcer, a number of super villains used Dragon Man's exceptional strength for their own criminal gain until Valeria Richards, daughter of Mr. Fantasic and Invisible Woman, upgraded his intelligence significantly in FANTASTIC FOUR #579. Now Dragon Man serves as a mentor for the students at the Fantastic Four's Future Foundation.


Of course Thor has a dragon in his rogues gallery! The Norse dragon Fafnir has been annoying the God of Thunder and the Warriors Three ever since his debut way back in 1966, even overcoming death on a number of occasions. Like pretty much every beast on this list, there's more to this dragon than meets the eye. No he's not an alien or an android; he's a normal man that transformed into a dragon after drinking from a cursed pool of water.


Like Fin Fang Foom, Kitty Pryde's pet dragon Lockheed also has extraterrestrial origins, as she first encountered him during the X-Men's battle against the Brood. Lockheed snuck back to Earth and immediately saved Kitty's life from a group of alien Sidri hunters that had taken over the X-Mansion's subbasement. From then on, the pair has been nearly inseparable; Lockheed's fought alongside most every team that Kitty has, including the Excalibur, and the astonishing X-Men. He's even gone on adventures without Kitty, appearing in the LOCKJAW AND THE PET AVENGERS limited series.


The Beyonder transported a number of Marvel heroes and villains to the alien Battleworld, forcing them to fight for his own amusement. Lockheed, trapped on Battleworld alongside the X-Men, met and fell in love with an indigenous dragon. The X-Men nicknamed the dragon Puff and brought the strange creature back to Earth at the end of the secret war. But Earth's atmosphere had a strange effect on Puff, and the tiny dragon grew to massive proportions. The change proved to be too much for Lockheed and Puff to bear, proving that even super hero pets can't catch a break when it comes to love.

DISNEY KINGDOMS: FIGMENT #1 lands in our realm on June 4!

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