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Original Sin

On the Eve of Original Sin, Relive the Avengers' Most Surprising Moments

A court-martial, some chaos, and a kooky quartet rounds out this recap of Earth's mightiest surprises!

Secrets can't stay buried forever, and the ones kept by Earth's Mightiest Heroes will be unearthed once Original Sin's wave of revelation hits the team this Wednesday in AVENGERS #29.  The surprises in store for readers with Original Sin's next tie-in chapter make up just the latest in a long line of shocking developments in the lives of the Avengers. After all, you can't remain the planet's premier super team without weathering a few storms along the way.

Over their 50-year history, Captain America and company have come up against a number of game-changing revelations and had to make a number of tough calls. In order to put Wednesday's don't miss issue into context, we're running through five of the Avengers' most surprising moments in chronological order!


The Avengers' nickname clearly states the prereq for joining the team: "Earth's Mightiest Heroes." Imagine the surprise on both readers' and the fictional citizens of the Marvel Universe's faces when powerhouses like Iron Man and Thor departed the team only to be replaced by two rookie mutants and a guy with a bow and arrow. The very first massive roster shakeup in Avengers history saw a trio of ex-villains – Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch and Hawkeye – replacing the departed founding members. Nicknamed "Cap's Kooky Quartet," this foursome defied the odds and made lifelong Avengers out of the former bad guys.


After numerous attempts and even more lineup changes than the Avengers, the Masters of Evil finally scored a major victory over their archenemies by crashing into Avengers Mansion uninvited. The dreadful dozen ruthlessly attacked the team's butler Jarvis, and even put Hercules in a coma. The good guys had never been dealt this disastrous of a hand before.


Following a long leave of absence, Carol Danvers finally returned to the Avengers' ranks under the new codename Warbird. The team welcomed their old friend back into the fold, up until the point it became clear that Carol Danvers could not be counted on. Warbird had lied about the loss of her cosmic abilities and also gone off into battle drunk, jeopardizing her team in a battle against the Kree Empire. With a heavy heart, the Avengers had to put an end to Carol's comeback story – at least until she sought help for the demons afflicting her.


Upon remembering the existence of her twin sons, memories that had been taken from her in tandem with her artificially created children, Wanda Maximoff snapped. The Avengers barely managed to survive the onslaught of chaos magic unleashed upon them by their mad teammate, but not all of the heroes made it out alive. Hawkeye, Scott Lang, and Vision all lost their lives in the melee, and the destruction of both Avengers Mansion and the team's morale led to the Avengers' complete disassembly


With Incursions, the physical collision of Earth's from alternate realities with each other, threatening to smash their homeworld to bits, a group of sometime Avengers called the Illuminati banded together in secret to protect the planet. But the choice to save their Earth came at a cost – the other Earth. After fending off one planetary catastrophe, Captain America called the rest of the team out of line and demanded they find another course of action. In a surprising twist, the rest of the team unanimously agreed to vote Cap out of the team. Dr. Strange cast a spell on Steve Rogers, robbing him of all of his Illuminati-related memories.

Learn the Avengers' Original Sin this Wednesday in AVENGERS #29!

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I have a feeling that kicking Cap out of the Illuminati is gonna bite them in the butt during Original Sin...