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Psych Ward

Psych Ward: Namor

The Atlantean returns to therapy with something sinful on his mind!

Namor is a human-Atlantean hybrid whose appearance reflects his parentage. He appears to resemble an adult male Caucasian, but also possesses pointed ears and gills, more consistent with his Atlantean side. Additionally, Namor has wings on his ankles that enable him to fly.

This is the client’s second time working with this writer. The first was at the behest of then-H.A.M.M.E.R. Director Norman Osborn and the therapeutic relationship was contentious at best. The client arrived whenever he wished for session, left with similar disinterest in the structure of therapy, refused to alter his attire to something more appropriate to a clinical setting, and repeatedly belittled the writer’s occupation, abilities, and education. After a few sessions, he simply stopped attending and would not return the writer’s attempts to contact him.

      The client’s life, since then, has become even more complicated than was typical for him. His alignment with the mutant rights group the X-Men led to his involvement with the so-called “Phoenix Force” event that the press has colloquially labeled “Avengers Vs. X-Men.” While under the influence of the power of the Phoenix, Namor laid waste to the nation of Wakanda, making significant enemies, not the least of which was the United Nations and the country’s recognized costumed hero and symbolic generational mantel Black Panther.

      Although Namor attempted to work with Panther soon after that, the client insists that T’Challa did not deal with him in good faith and that Wakanda is responsible for the devastation of Atlantis and the massacring of its people.

      However, what the client seemed to truly want to discuss did not come out over the course of session. He seemed furtive and uncomfortable, an incredibly unusual presentation for him. Even his bluster seemed far more akin to playacting then real, as if he was doing what was expected of him rather than motivated by his actual emotions.

          He was able to tangentially engage with the writer around the concept of the past and how actions we often feel we left far behind us can still have consequences. Given everything that has happened to him as of late, it would be easy to assume he was discussing something like the destruction of Wakanda. The client, however, rejected this interpretation and seemed authentic in doing so. It appeared the actions he wished to discuss were far more rooted in the past. However, reflection and more subtle interpretations could not persuade the client to disclose what seemed to be affecting him so deeply.

          Instead, he engaged the writer in a long exploration of the word “sin” and what it meant to humans as opposed to Atlanteans and what it might mean within the field of psychology. He expressed appreciation at this writer’s assertion that “sin” does not really exist in therapy, at least not as it is classically understood, but ultimately rejected this observation as naïve.

          Ultimately the client did agree to meet with Doctors James Robinson and Steve Pugh on June 25. Details of their session will be available in file ALL-NEW INVADERS #6.

              Psy D. Candidate Tim Stevens, MA is a Dialectical Behavior Therapy Consultant and Psychology intern at a small(ish) university in New York City. His entire office is now damp and he doubts he’ll ever get rid of the smell of brine.



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              Namor's up to something! Something smells fishy!