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Marvel 75th Anniversary

Follow the History of Ant-Man Pt. 5

Scott Lang joins the Avengers, experiences death and rebirth, leads the FF and more!

In 1962, the legacy of Ant-Man began; today, over five decades later, the legend has come to encompass multiple heroes and will take shape as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2015.

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of Marvel as well as prepare for Marvel’s “Ant-Man,” coming to theaters on July 17, 2015, learn all about the history of this unique hero.

Family played a major role in Scott Lang’s life as he entered the new millennium a fully experienced super hero and a valuable asset to any team. But darkness also awaited him, and his life would change beyond recognition with the simple act of greeting a lost comrade.

The second Ant-Man answered Captain America’s call in AVENGERS #26 to form a stealth line-up along with Warbird, Photon and Silverclaw, but it turned out to be a complex ruse by his old enemy, the Taskmaster. Scott’s real entry into the life of an Avenger would have to wait a bit longer.

The Human Torch came calling in FANTASTIC FOUR #43 to request Ant-Man join with him, She-Hulk, and Namorita while the real FF cooled their heels in the Negative Zone. Shortly after that, Lang assisted Tony Stark in helping cure the Hulk of Lou Gehrig’s disease by working at microscopic size to replace his damaged cells with healthy ones.

Having picked up an emergency signal on one of Hank Pym’s old helmets, Ant-Man stood side-by-side with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in AVENGERS #57 through one of their greatest challenges. The surly Jack of Hearts took an immediate dislike to Scott, but Lang saw it as only a short stint to help the team. In the meantime, he began to date Jessica Jones, the former Jewel, in ALIAS #15, and dived deep into her chaotic life.

In AVENGERS #61, Scott bid farewell to Captain America and the team, happy to leave Jack of Hearts behind, but when his court case to win custody of his daughter Cassie turned sour, Ant-Man accepted the Avengers’ invitation of true membership in AVENGERS #62. He served honorably and faithfully through many incredible adventures of the team, and even gained a new costume and helmet in AVENGERS #65.

Always eager to lend a hand to his former boss Tony Stark, Ant-Man joined with him to clear up the case of the Arsenal robot in IRON MAN #84 and #85, all the while continuing to serve as an Avenger. In AVENGERS #76, Ant-Man witnessed the death of his sparring partner, Jack of Hearts, when the loose cannon hero sacrificed his life to save Scott’s daughter.

Throughout his time with the Avengers, Scott Lang recognized the supreme danger to his life at any given moment, but perhaps never envisioned the exact manner in which he’d die. In AVENGERS #500, a shambling, walking corpse that looked a lot like Jack of Hearts appeared at the gates of Avengers Mansion one fine morning and Ant-Man decided to go out and investigate. Approaching his late teammate, Scott heard Jack whisper, “I’m sorry,” then perished in the devastating explosion that followed.

Avengers: The Children's Crusade (2011) #4

Cover From Avengers: Children's Crusade #4
Though the Avengers uncovered the Scarlet Witch as the real culprit behind the event, the second Ant-Man remained dead to the world. Then, a few years later, in a strange turn of events in AVENGERS: THE CHILDREN’S CRUSADE #5, Cassie Lang, who’d become a super hero in her own right as Stature, grabbed hold of her still-living father while tripping through time and brought him to the present. Scott Lang received a second chance at life, one he intended to make the most of. As fate would have it, instead he lost Cassie in a multi-faceted battle between the Avengers, the X-Men, and Doctor Doom in AVENGERS: THE CHILDREN’S CRUSADE #8.

The resurrected Ant-Man aided the Defenders against the Death Celestial in DEFENDERS #10, but failed to put Cassie’s death behind him, eventually falling into depression. When Reed Richards asked Lang to lead a temporary “replacement” Fantastic Four in FANTASTIC FOUR #1, he reluctantly agreed.

In FF #1, he learned that his new assignment, along with She-Hulk, Medusa, and a girlfriend of Johnny Storm’s, would entail riding herd on the kid-saturated Future Foundation.

After his stint at the Baxter Building, which included going up against Doctor Doom, Ant-Man’s recent adventures placed him in the investigation of the death of the Watcher in ORIGINAL SIN #1, once again lending his unique talents and unquestionable heroism to the greater good.

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ant man is a favorite, and even though i am exited for his new movie, i wold like to see a cyclops or havoc movie


Are you guys gonna talk about Eric O'Grady time as Ant-man?Also Hank has reused the identidy briefly over the years,like in The Might Avengers storyline after the Civil War,were helped in the battle against Ultron.Are guys gonna talk about that too?There's also Ant-Man cartoon appearences to talk about.