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90's By the Numbers

Travel to Another Dimension in 90's By the Numbers with Doctor Strange

Wolverine and Archangel get a little help from the Sorcerer Supreme!

It's time to face facts, true believers – the '90s were awesome. The pouches were plentiful, the costumes were impractical, and Marvel Universe dentists made a fortune correcting damages caused by perpetually gritted teeth. Thanks to the power of nostalgia, though, what would once be considered extremely embarrassing can now be called extremely awesome!

With that in mind, we've pulled a Marvel comic from the not-so-modern era and broken it down, one most excellent fact at a time! This week we're singling out UNCANNY X-MEN #329 and #330 by Scott Lobdell, Jeph Loeb, and Joe Madureira. Here's "Warriors of the Ebon Night" by the numbers!

44 visible windows on the X-Mansion


      34 netherworld stairs crammed into 1 panel


          13 undercloaks attacking 3 super heroes and 1 Gomurr


              8 eyeballs peeping out of the walls of Dr. Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum


                  3 pet names for Archangel: sap, bird, and young man


                      2 super heroes deep undercover


                          1 goateed mouth delivering bad news

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