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Marvel 75th Anniversary

Learn Who Made Marvel.com's Top Ten 1960's Villains List Pt. 2

Find out which bad guys from the birth of the Marvel Universe took our top honors!

All year long on Marvel.com, we’re celebrating Marvel’s 75th anniversary, and to fully appreciate the scope of that history, you need to go back to where it all began.

As anybody knows, a good hero only becomes great when they go up against insurmountable obstacles, meaning their antagonists better be every bit as formidable and intriguing as the champions they menace.

While the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, the Hulk, the Avengers and more burst on the scene in the 1960’s, they may have been forgotten had they simply faced the nameless saboteurs and spies of the Golden Age; instead, villains with not just awe-inspiring powers but multi-faceted motives, in many cases as sympathetic as any character’s, rose to challenge this pantheon.

This week, we count down our top 10 Marvel villains to debut during the 1960’s. Have your own thoughts? Let us know on Twitter using the hash tag #Marvel75!

Read part one!


      8. DORMAMMU
      First Appearance:
      STRANGE TALES #126
      Why He’s #8:
      “Dormammu first appeared only as a name invoked by evildoers on the material plane who lusted for power. Doctor Strange, Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme, soon learned that the dread Dormammu represented far more than merely dark magic; he ruled an entire dark dimension of deadly dangers that would challenge Strange like no adversary before him. Endowed with powerful supernatural abilities, Dormammu struck from his otherworldly plane to draw Strange into magical showdowns, as well as manipulating criminal magicians on Earth. When the Dark One then lashed out at the Sorcerer Supreme’s beloved, the doctor made the mother of all house calls to beard the lion in his den and defeat him at his own game.” – Jim Beard
      Digital Comics Spotlight:
      STRANGE TALES #127

          7. ULTRON
          First Appearance:
          AVENGERS (1968) #55
          Why He’s #7:
          “Unfortunately one of Hank Pym's greatest successes, Ultron, became the genius scientist/hero's biggest nightmare. Ultron thrust himself to the front line of the Marvel universe's evil forces in 1968, by singlehandedly brainwashing Pym into forgetting he created him, temporarily hypnotizing Jarvis to turn against his cherished Avengers family, and unleashing a new Masters of Evil. For all his malevolent plans focused on his ‘father,’ Pym, and Janet Van Dyne, one of his machinations led to direct benefits for the Avengers—namely the creation of the Vision. His Silver Age days also featured his first of many upgrades from Ultron-5 to Ultron-6 with an adamantium shell.” – Tim O’Shea
          Digital Comics Spotlight:
          AVENGERS (1968) #66

          Come back tomorrow to see two more entries on the list, share your thoughts on Twitter with the hash tag #Marvel75 and keep up on Marvel’s 75th anniversary celebration at marvel.com/75

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