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Gerry Duggan Goes Green with Hulk

The Deadpool and Nova writer talks about chronicling the Green Goliath's exploits beginning this summer!

Writer Gerry Duggan has made his mark on Marvel fans putting words in the Merc with a Mouth in DEADPOOL, which he co-writes with Brian Posehn, and shooting Sam Alexander to that stars in NOVA. This summer Duggan takes on one of his all-time favorite characters, assuming writing duties on HULK, starting with issue #5 in August.

The events of Duggan’s first storyline, “The Omega Hulk,” spin out of revelations from Original Sin—which means we can’t give away too much about what’s going to happen! But we were able to get Duggan to drop a couple of hints about the story, and to talk about what he loves about the Hulk.

Marvel.com: Congratulations on the new gig! I know you can't say too much about your plans right now, but what can you tell us about your upcoming Hulk run?

Gerry Duggan: The story is called “The Omega Hulk,” and it's a little like an "Armor Wars for the gamma-irradiated crowd." If your name has the word "Hulk" in it, you should be expecting a visit from the Green Goliath. RSVP at your local retailer and BYORS—Bring your own Richter scale.

Marvel.com: Hulk has been through a lot of changes and reinventions over the years. What's your approach to the character?

      Gerry Duggan: After the attack on Bruce Banner's life ad events in ORIGINAL SIN: HULK VS. IRON MAN, both the Hulk and Banner will be changed. You'll have to wait and see what the Hulk is like when I begin in HULK #5.

      Marvel.com: Have you always been a fan of the big green guy?

      Gerry Duggan: Always and forever. I was reading his comics before many of you were born. I loved the TV show [starring Bill Bixby]. He's almost always my favorite character in an ensemble. I never dreamt I would be here.

      Marvel.com: What makes the character a personal favorite?

      Gerry Duggan: It's not just that I grew up reading and loving Hulk comics. The thing I always loved about the Hulk is that it was an emotional investment. The great tragedy about Banner is that he was destroyed by what he loved: science. Plus I have a temper, and now I write down [against taxes] when I trash my hotel rooms, right?

      Marvel.com: The Hulk’s size and strength offer opportunities for amazing visuals. Who's bringing your version of the character to life?

      Gerry Duggan: Luckily, Mark Bagley is sticking around [as artist], and I couldn't be happier. He's got every gear I could wish for; he can do widescreen mayhem, and then go in close for the emotional beats. I'm a very lucky guy. I hope folks will join me for a fun war that's about to erupt in the Marvel Universe.

          Marvel.com: Are there any characters in that gamma-irradiated crowd you're especially excited to write?

          Gerry Duggan: The really fun part for me is not just writing the Hulk, but writing for the human beings that transform into these Hulks. Rick Jones/A-Bomb is the first encounter, which is fitting since he was there at the very beginning. “The Omega Hulk” is going to be a steel cage match. I'm hoping some of the better face-offs will be about wits, and not just punching. That said, there is going to be some "capital p" Punching...

          Pick up Gerry Duggan’s HULK this summer beginning with issue #5 in August



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          registradus member

          wasn't World War Hulks "Armor Wars for the gamma-irradiated crowd" ? 


          Oh, God...ANOTHER Hulk reboot?  Well, at least it isn't Jason Aaron.