Lawsuits, The Leader & More: She-Hulk's Five Toughest Court Cases

Check out some of Jennifer Walters' most intense legal struggles!



Anyone that knows She-Hulk knows that she's more than just muscle. When she's not playing the heavy for the Avengers or Fantastic Four, Jen Walters flexes her mental might as one of the best lawyers in the Marvel Universe. While her super peers spend their spare time relaxing or working in low stress jobs, She-Hulk steps into the courtroom, continuing her one-woman fight for justice. Whether she's wearing her purple and white tights or a well-cut power suit, Jennifer spends pretty much all of her time defending the defenseless.

When her chosen profession and extracurricular activities collide, fantastically offbeat stories tend to be told. Enjoy five issues, presented in chronological order, that show off the kind of conflicts that take place when you become a super hero lawyer.

1. SAVAGE SHE-HULK (1980) #1

Even before she became the jade giantess, Jen Walters took on some pretty intense court cases. In her first appearance, the proto-She-Hulk acted as the defense for a man that the mob framed for murder. This put her squarely in a mob hitman's crosshairs. Only a quick blood transfusion from her cousin Bruce Banner saved her following the hitman's attack, thus turning the lawyer into She-Hulk. So remember: Jennifer Walters only became She-Hulk because she stood up against the mob. She became a super hero because of her already super heroic deeds.

2. SHE-HULK (2004) #2

Walters eventually became a hotshot attorney for the Super Human Law division of Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg & Holliway. Her first job involved representing Dan Jermain – nicknamed Danger Man – in his lawsuit against the Roxxon Corporation after their chemicals had given him unwanted super powers.


In the aftermath of a battle between the New Warriors and the villain known as Nitro that caused a horrible explosion in Stamford, Connecticut, She-Hulk took on the assignment of representing Speedball – the only surviving Warrior – in court. The incident had taken the lives of hundreds of innocent civilians, making Speedball the most hated man in the country and making his trial the most controversial one Jennifer had even been involved with.

4. SHE-HULK #19

She-Hulk squared off against her own moral code after being subpoenaed to appear in court to defend the Leader, one of the most dangerous super villains on the planet. Walters' colleague Mallory Book argued that exposure to gamma radiation had altered the Leader's personality, thus excusing all of his evil deeds as actions committed under the influence. As a fellow gamma irradiated being, She-Hulk had her own character called into question during a very stressful stint on the witness stand. Thankfully Walters' hulk outs aren't stress activated like her cousin's, otherwise that courtroom would have been trashed.

5. SHE-HULK #3

Now operating out of her own private practice in Brooklyn, Jennifer's wasted no time getting into the deep end of super human law. She recently assisted Doctor Doom’s son in obtaining political asylum in the United States. Crossing Doom's path always causes headaches, among various other kinds of aches, but She-Hulk did not back down from helping her client. She even went the extra mile, literally, by traveling to Latveria to confront Doom head-on.

Follow Jennifer Walter's courtroom heroism in SHE-HULK #5, on sale June 4!



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