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Happy Birthday

Wish Warlock a Happy 30th Birthday, Because His Dad Sure Won't

The alien super hero first crash-landed on Earth back in 1984!

The extraterrestrial called Warlock has always stood out in a crowd – an extraordinary feat considering the company he keeps! As a member of the New Mutants, Warlock put all of his techno-organic heart into every one of his heroic deeds. His malleable form and shape-changing abilities has made him an invaluable part of every team he's served on, and his good-natured attitude has earned him a number of dear friends along the way. Not bad for a member of the warlike alien race known as the Technarchy!

Warlock first appeared thirty years ago this month in NEW MUTANTS #18 by Chris Claremont and Bill Sienkiewicz. Readers met the soon-to-be hero as he sought refuge on a desolate alien world.

      Warlock had fled his home planet, fearing his death at the hands of his father, the almighty Magus. Bad news for Warlock, though – Magus followed him.

          The young alien's journey – or escape route – continued into NEW MUTANTS #19. In that issue, Warlock flew past the X-Men's outer space allies, the Starjammers.

              Warlock raced out of reach before the pirates could react or properly warn their Earthly friends.

              Warlock finally arrived on Earth, coincidentally at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, in NEW MUTANTS #21. There, Cannonball and Sunspot found his black cocoon after a swim in the lake.

                  They placed the mysterious object in their medical bay, where Warlock emerged once left unattended. Like a lot of humans, his mind immediately went to food after he woke up.

                      Scared and confused, Warlock began draining energy from the mansion and the organic life forms he came into contact with. If not for Doug Ramsey's linguistic powers, the New Mutants might never have been able to communicate with the extraterrestrial. After learning that Warlock had fled his home because he did not want to participate in the death match every son has to have with his father upon maturation, Wolfsbane – the youngest New Mutant – reached out to the mansion's visitor.

                          From that point on, Warlock became an accepted member of the extended X-Men family. Much like many of his adopted brothers and sisters, he even has a death and resurrection in his back issues! Warlock and his best buddy Cypher currently work for Serval Industries' super hero team, X-Factor.

                          Check out Warlock's monthly adventures in ALL-NEW X-FACTOR!



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                          Xelyna member

                          Warlock is the best! I hope they make a New Mutants movie one day.