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Brute Force Returns in Deadpool Bi-Annual

Comedians Paul Scheer and Nick Giovannetti bring back one of Marvel's forgotten teams to clash with Wade Wilson!

Who says annuals can only come out once a year?

Deadpool's asking that exact question this September with the release of his first ever bi-annual— and he's bringing along a few big guest stars to ensure that no one will ever be able to top the madcap mayhem released within the issue's forty pages. In DEADPOOL BI-ANNUAL #1, Wade Wilson will jump into the deep end in an all out brawl against Brute Force, a team of environmental warriors from the early ‘90’s that just so happen to also be armored-up animals.

Writers and comedians Paul Scheer and Nick Giovannetti will guide the Merc with a Mouth through this ferocious fracas, with artist Salva Espin illustrating every deadly flipper, sword, and feather that comes into play. We spoke with the writing duo to prepare audiences for Brute Force's long-awaited return.

Marvel.com: How does it feel to be making your Marvel writing debuts, and how does it feel to be doing so with Deadpool?

Paul Scheer: This is a childhood dream come true. Seriously, I dreamt this whole thing while in a "Dead Zone"-like state as a child. I also saw some other terrible atrocities that I could have prevented throughout my life, but I just ignored those focused on writing a bi-annual for Marvel.

Nick Giovannetti: That’s how I met Paul years ago. I almost died on an ice fishing trip. Paul stopped me before I went and told me one day he and I would make beautiful fart jokes together. I’m very thankful he saved me that day. Not sure why he let my friend and his father die, but getting to work for Marvel on Deadpool is the thrill of a lifetime, so I’m okay with it now. 

Marvel.com: You’re bringing Brute Force back into action after an almost 25-year-long hiatus. Who pitched the idea to bring back the Brutes?

Nick Giovannetti: That was our extremely talented editor Jordan [White’s] idea. Oddly enough, I was already thinking about using them for something else when Jordan pitched us the idea, so I was super psyched. Hopefully people will dig our take on the characters, because we think they are a lot of fun.

Paul Scheer: I’d never heard of Brute Force, but Jordan explained that these characters were essentially a failed attempt at a toy line. It seemed ripe for a re-launch because the territory wouldn’t be too sacred to poke fun at.

Marvel.com: Both Brute Force and Deadpool could easily be played for laughs, so who fills the "straight man" role in this conflict—if anyone does?

Nick Giovannetti: There is no “straight man,” this is a bi-annual issue.

Paul Scheer: I disagree—there is a hot dog vendor in this issue that is giving a Ryan Gosling-esque performance.

      Marvel.com: Do you feel that being comedy writers and performers have prepared you for writing comics, specifically Deadpool, in any way?

      Nick Giovannetti: I think it’s made us better storytellers, so in that respect, yes. Wade is a funny character, so it’s absolutely easier for us to connect to him.

      Paul Scheer: Gerry [Duggan] and Brian [Posehn] have set the standard so high for Deadpool in regards to laughs and storylines that we just really went into this trying to make an issue they’d like. 

      Marvel.com: Paul, considering your improv background, does having a background in concepts like game, yes-and, and heightening come in handy when breaking stories for comics?

      Paul Scheer: Absolutely. The Upright Citizens Brigade Theater where I studied really teaches you to trust your gut but then really heighten off that initial idea, and I think that Nick and I write in a way that is exactly like that. We just are trying to see how much we can make each other laugh and how much they’ll let us get away with.

      Marvel.com: How has artist Salva Espin taken to drawing offbeat characters like Brute Force and what is he bringing to the story?

      Nick Giovannetti: Salva is great. He brings a sense of fun to the panels. His work just makes you smile, which is helpful with comedy.

      Paul Scheer: This is definitely a broad issue and Salva is really making this seem like a bizzaro Saturday morning cartoon.

      Marvel.com: Are there any other obscure characters from the depths of the Marvel Universe that you guys would like to bring back?

      Nick Giovannetti: Absolutely and some not so obscure.

      Paul Scheer: Two words...ROCKET RACER!

      Wade Wilson and Brute Force clash this September in DEADPOOL BI-ANNUAL #1!



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      Looks real good. I had never heard of Brute Force but they look very interesting. How did Brute Force come to be? They look fun being jacked up animals with armor. I will definitely buy this comic regardless of how much it is.


      I really want this! Paul Scheer is hilarious, and Deadpool is comedy gold! I'm in as long as it's not more than $5!