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Original Sin

Before Thor and Loki Uncover their Surprise Sister, Check Out These Other Super Siblings

Thor's not the only Marvel hero with a tall family tree!

Thor and Loki might just be the most famous pair of siblings in the Marvel Universe right now, but the Asgardians will soon discover a whole new branch on their family tree. Thanks to the events of ORIGINAL SIN, Thor and Loki will meet their long lost sister – Angela. Turns out that the angelic warrior from another dimension has a little bit of Asgardian blood running through her veins. These revelations will occur this July in the five-part THOR & LOKI: THE TENTH REALM series from writers Jason Aaron and Al Ewing, with art by Lee Garbett and Simone Bianchi.

Sure, Angela's introduction into Odin's family sounds like it'll be a high stakes adventure in the mighty Marvel manner, but it's about par for course where other super siblings are concerned. Being a super hero only magnifies your family drama, as evidenced by these five other super siblings.

Invisible Woman & Human Torch

After being exposed to crazy levels of cosmic radiation, Sue Storm and her younger brother Johnny became half of the super-powered quartet called the Fantastic Four. This surrogate family, forged with Sue's fiancée Reed Richards and his best friend Ben Grimm, helped replace the one that the Storm siblings had previously lost. As depicted in FANTASTIC FOUR #32, Sue and Johnny's mother had died from injuries caused by a car crash, injuries that their father – a celebrated physician – could not fix.

Medusa & Crystal

They may be called Inhumans, but the relationship between Medusa and her little sister Crystal feels all too human. The sisters have clashed in the past, usually because of Medusa's role as queen of their people, but they've been able to work through their differences when situations demanded it. When the Skrulls kidnapped Medusa's husband Black Bolt, Crystal stepped up and supported Medusa's take-no-prisoners approach to rescuing her king.

Cyclops & Havok


Even though Scott and Alex Summers spent their childhoods in separate orphanages following the apparent death of their parents in a fiery plane crash, all the love, jealousy, warm memories, and name-calling came rushing back when they were finally reunited as young adults. Alex followed in his brother's footsteps when he became an X-Man and leader of X-Factor. At times it appeared as though Alex made it his main motivation to step out of Scott's shadow, but the younger Summers brother would still begrudgingly turn to his older brother for advice about leadership.

Trickshot & Hawkeye

To say that Barney and Clint Barton didn't have an easy childhood would still be an understatement. Their abusive father made their home unstable, creating an environment where the Barton brothers could only rely on each other. Following the death of their parents in a car accident, the Bartons made a pit stop at an orphanage before joining the Carson Carnival of Traveling Wonders. There they both caught the eye of the Swordsman, who turned both of them into master archers. Despite many years together, the duo eventually ended up separated by the law; Barney became a criminal called Trickshot while Clint became Hawkeye, an Avenger.

Colossus & Magik

No other siblings on this list have had it as bad as Piotr and Illyana Rasputin. Colossus' little sister spent all of her adolescence fighting demons in the nightmarish Limbo dimension and returned to Earth a teenager. Years later, the Russian government murdered their parents just a few months before Illyana – who had since been de-aged back to a child – succumbed to the Legacy Virus. Piotr's grief drove him to join Magneto's Acolytes. Not long after that, he rejoined the X-Men – and then died. Colossus got better, as heroes do, and the demon Belasco used black magic to resurrect Illyana. One would hope that these two, alive and reunited, would finally know peace. Nope! Recently, Magik allowed for Colossus to be possessed by the evil demon Cyttorak so that he would understand her inner pain. This manipulation and betrayal proved to be too much for Colossus, and the two have not spoken since.

For more family drama, check out THOR & LOKI: THE TENTH REALM #1 this July!

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You guys mention Cyclops and Havok but left out the third Summers Brother - Vulcan the evil Shi'ar Emperor?