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Back to Work

Go Back to Work with Iron Man and Earn Big Bucks

Tony Stark makes money so other heroes don't have to!

It's Monday, and that means that you've had to find the strength to shake off the after effects of a weekend well spent just to get back into shape for the weekday work-athon. It's tough, sure, but it's a fact of life – one that isn't lost on super humans either. Yep, Mondays mean back to work for super heroes too, as they trade in their uniforms for something more business casual.

There are a number of super heroes in the Marvel Universe that make big bucks running corporations – Iron Fist, Archangel, and Night Thrasher come to mind – but every single one of them pales in comparison to Tony Stark, the original genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist. As the CEO of a number of companies that all carry his family name, Stark has used his considerable wealth to fund and provide technology for a number of super hero organizations. Yep, that's where the Avengers' Quinjets and S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Helicarriers come from!

Of course, Tony hasn't always been a reliable businessman. His archrival Obadiah Stane enacted a hostile takeover of Stark International that left Stark a homeless alcoholic. The company became Stane International just as Stark passed his armor on to his best friend James Rhodes. In just the span of a few issues, Tony lost both his company and super hero identity.

Death might not be permanent for heroes, but the decisions made in death's wake can have long lasting ramifications. Following Stark's death in the late '90's, his company – then called Stark Enterprises – became part of the Fujikawa Corporation. Tony surprised people when he returned to life and, instead of buying his company back, created a new business – Stark Solutions. The new business sought to help any person, government, or business that could afford paying Stark's price.

Recently, Stark has taken an even harder turn away from his past as a weapons developer and instead focused on creating means to provide free energy to every person on the planet. Tony believed that the repulsor technology that he pioneered for use in his Iron Man armor could be adapted to integrate with people's everyday lives. His first idea: repulsor-powered cars – most likely available in red and gold.

Check out Tony Stark's latest adventure in IRON MAN #28, on sale this Wednesday!



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