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From Onslaught to the Grave: The Tragic Life of Charles Xavier

Learn about Professor X's hard life before you read his last will and testament in Uncanny X-Men!

Few X-Men have had it as rough as Charles Xavier – and that's saying a lot. Every mutant that signed on to protect a world that hates and fears them ended up getting dealt a pretty bad hand. Yeah, Xavier's luck's so bad that one could argue that it reaches out and ruins the lives of everyone that even considers getting involved with him. But a bad luck streak has to be the price paid when you choose to fight for equal rights between humans and mutants.

Xavier's life will be thrust into the spotlight one more time in this July's UNCANNY X-MEN #23, the issue that kicks off the "Last Will and Testament of Charles Xavier" storyline. To get readers ready for all of Xavier's postmortem revelations, we've compiled a list highlighting the worst moments from Professor X's life. Maybe once you see how he lived, you'll be able to make a guess about what he put in the long buried document.

Charles Xavier lost the use of his legs as a young man, and he had already grown accustomed to life in a wheelchair by the time he debuted in UNCANNY X-MEN #1. Through the magic of Shi'ar cloning technology, Xavier regained the ability to walk in UNCANNY X-MEN #167. He had to learn how to push past the pain barriers he'd erected in his mind, but Chuck overcame all of those obstacles. And then, in the blink of an eye, his spine became irreparably damaged in a battle with the Shadow King on Muir Island. After years spent standing on his own two feet, Xavier found himself confined – once again – to a wheelchair.

At one point, anti-mutant hysteria became so heated that even non-mutants associated with homo superior could came under attack. That happened to Professor X at a peace concert in Central Park; even though the X-Men's founder had yet to publicly come out as a mutant, protestors met his peaceful speech with hate. To top it all off, the villain called Stryfe chose that moment to try to assassinate Xavier, shooting him in front of the massive crowd. Charles would have died without the help of the united X-Men teams, as well as a few of their adversaries.

Sometimes stress gets to even the best of us. Of course when you're the most powerful telepath on the planet with a nagging bit of your archenemies evil hidden in your noggin, stress can lead to the creation of a world-threatening monster. That's just what happened following Xavier's decision to mind wipe Magneto in X-MEN (1991) #25. Together, the two influential figures' spirits created the nearly unstoppable villain Onslaught. The psychic being laid initially used the professor as a puppet; he discarded him once he gained his own corporeal form. Only the combined might of every Marvel hero proved able to stop Onslaught's plans for world domination. 

Charles met his long lost sister and, in keeping with Xavier's bad luck streak, she immediately ruined his life. Cassandra Nova took control of her twin's body at the end of her first war with the X-Men and immediately revealed Xavier's status as a mutant to the public. She then planted seeds of chaos and distrust all around the X-Mansion before hopping on a Shi'ar spaceship and enacting a reign of terror that would leave the alien empire in ruins and Xavier's relationship with Empress Lilanda destroyed. Chuck can't even have a family reunion without an astronomically high body count.

Charles Xavier's story came to an end in a most unexpected way at the end of AVENGERS VS. X-MEN. Possessed by the all-powerful Phoenix Force, Xavier's surrogate son Cyclops murdered his mentor right in front of the Avengers and X-Men. Nearly every decision that the X-Men have made over the past few years all trace back to that very moment; Xavier's murder turned Cyclops into a wanted criminal and left the X-Men without the man who inspired and started the team's quest for peace.

Professor X continues to make an impact in this July's UNCANNY X-MEN #23, the first chapter of "The Last Will and Testament of Charles Xavier"!



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rj155500 member

X-Men . . . . more interesting than the Avengers in every conceivable way.  


Bring out the rest of the x-men comic lines in hardcover!!!! come on the main line called x-men is not in hardcover or the new x-force not getting made in to  hardcover come on guys!!


I hope his lessons still can reach and inspire people on the Marvel universe.