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Tuesday Q&A

Tuesday Q&A: Tradd Moore

The All-New Ghost Rider artist shares what he likes to draw most, working with writer Felipe Smith and more!

ALL-NEW GHOST RIDER has revved up with plenty of rubber to burn and places to go. At the steering wheel: writer Felipe Smith and artist Tradd Moore, and the creative duo’s firing on all cylinders as they race toward the conclusion of their first major story-arc.

We checked in with Moore to hear how he approach the series’ visuals and working with Smith.

Marvel.com: What do you enjoy drawing the most at this point in the series? Ghost Rider? The car? Mr. Hyde and the other monsters?

Tradd Moore: The best part about drawing ALL-NEW GHOST RIDER is that I get to take all of those things and make them fight each other. Yes.

Another element that I’ve been having a lot of fun with on the book are the, for lack of a better term, visual effects. Fire, sparks, explosions, melting faces, character transformations, tail light trails, and things like that. I’ve always had an infatuation with elaborate and interesting particle effects/particle systems in video games, so I enjoy expressing a similar kind of visual energy in my work.

      Marvel.com: How do you work with Felipe? What kind of back and forth is there with the scripts and art?

      Tradd Moore: Working with Felipe is great! We’re both artists, so it’s easy to communicate our ideas clearly to one another. If I send him a design or layout and he has a suggestion in mind, he’ll draw out what he’s thinking, then we move along from there.

      When it comes to scripting, Felipe will intricately detail some scenes in standard panel-to-panel fashion, yet he’ll leave others open for me to lay out however I see fit. I love that about working with him. There’s nothing better than getting to a part in a script that reads “Page X: Shootout. Go crazy, Tradd!” Any good relationship, creative or otherwise, is built on the foundations of trust and respect, so working with a creator who has the level of trust in my capabilities that Felipe has expressed means a great deal to me.

      It’s been an honor and a blast working with Felipe! I’m undoubtedly a better artist because of it.

      Marvel.com: That’s so cool. So, heading into issue #5, what are you really excited about? What can we expect visually in the showdown between the new Rider and Hyde?

      Tradd Moore: CHAIN KNIFE ACTION!

      That is an answer to both parts of the question, I should add.

          Marvel.com: Okay! Now, what sorts of new characters are you working on? Are there any existing Marvel characters you'd love to draw for this book?

          Tradd Moore: Right now I’m neck deep in working on ALL-NEW GHOST RIDER #5, so no new Ghost Rider characters are being birthed by my hand at the moment. Just a whole lot a chain knifing.

          As for Marvel characters I’d love to draw, I’d love for Robbie to have a run in with the Young Avengers. They wouldn’t necessarily need to fight villains or even do anything important, really. Robbie Reyes and Marvel Boy could just meet up and talk about having nice hair and being attractive. I’d draw that. I’d make it a 12-issue limited series! They’d go into space at some point.

          Marvel.com: Of course! Also, we understand that one of your covers is the greatest cover you've ever done, according to Marvel’s Chris D’Lando—why is that? What went into its execution?

          Tradd Moore: [Laughs] I could be wrong, but I think the cover that Chris is referring to is my cover for SECRET AVENGERS #8, actually. The title’s writer, Ales Kot, came up with the idea, I drew it, and the amazing Matthew Wilson colored it. The cover features M.O.D.O.K. holding M.O.D.O.K. holding M.O.D.O.K. holding M.O.D.O.K. holding M.O.D.O.K. Also, each one of the eight or nine M.O.D.O.K.s is wearing a different type of hat.

              So yeah, it’s definitely one of the greatest covers I’ve ever done. [Laughs]

              Pick up ALL-NEW GHOST RIDER #4 this week!




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