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The Watcher

Watch Marvel's The Watcher 2014 - Episode 23

Lorraine Cink gears up for Spider-Verse by taking a look at some alternate Spider-Men and Women!

Lorraine Cink head to the Edge of Spider-Verse, previewing this fall's Spider-Man event by looking at five Spider-Men and Women! Plus all the latest news in the Marvel Minute and more!

The newest edition of The Watcher is here!

Marvel's The Watcher 2014 - Episode 23

Watch now!
The Watcher is Marvel.com's official news and comedy video series covering comics, movies, TV, games, gear and all things Marvel. Tune in weekly for new episodes.




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bobbymobetta member

Lots of things about Fraction's Hawkguy have always made me think of Deadpool. Obvi not as fourth-wally and such but there is an approach to the characters that sort of lies outside or on the fringe of 616. Perfect pairing!!!!!!