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Magneto Confronts the Red Skull as the March to Axis Begins

Take an exclusive first look at David Yardin's cover to Magneto #11 and hear from editor Daniel Ketchum!

This October, Magneto confronts his past by taking on one of the most powerful villains in the Marvel Universe.

As previously reported, MAGNETO will be part of the March to Axis leading up to this fall's major Marvel event. Issue #11, on sale October 8, has the Master of Magnetism putting his mettle up against the Red Skull, more powerful than ever before.

"One of our inspirations for this MAGNETO series was the scene in [the 'X-Men: First Class' film] where Magneto was hunting down former Nazis," says editor Daniel Ketchum. "Well, there’s currently a very powerful villain with a Nazi past throwing the Marvel Universe into chaos…using the mutant brain of Magneto’s deceased best friend. So there was no way that Magneto wasn’t going to step up to challenge the Red Skull here."

Get an exclusive look at David Yardin's cover to MAGNETO #11 below, then pick up the issue on October 8!

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      rj155500 member

      Magneto deserves to be the hero of this story line.  Him and Capt. America and Cyclops should be standing shoulder to shoulder in the final issue of this event.  Any other characters just wouldn't make much sense. 


      @legohulkthorsmash I smell a big coincidence here...Red Skull in Onslaught armor+half of Prof. X's brain+impending one-on-one confrontation with Magneto=...you do the math and figure out what Marvel's probably going for.

      ablackraptor member

      @legohulkthorsmash That's the intention. He's supposed to look like Onslaught, because reasons. I dunno, its in Uncanny Avengers, and I'm only barely paying attention to that.