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Marvel Previews for April 2008

April showers bring more than May flowers this year, they bring the start of SECRET INVASION! Get ready for Skrull-tastic revelations galore as Earth's Mightiest Heroes begin to fight back against their alien adversaries. Check out this sneak preview of Marvel's April 2008 releases to see what battle lines have been drawn, in SECRET INVASION and beyond. For the full list, head over to the April catalog!


It's all been building to this, as SECRET INVASION #1 kicks off the most highly-anticipated story of the year! How deep does the Skrull plot go? Who isn't what they claim to be? The reveals keep coming in this debut issue! And in NEW AVENGERS #40, wind back the clock to find out how the Skrull infiltration started and who's responsible for it, drawn by special guest-artist Jimmy Cheung (NEW AVENGERS: ILLUMINATI)!


If that's not enough Skrull-y goodness for you, look no further than MIGHTY AVENGERS #12. Nick Fury's been missing since the events of SECRET WAR, and this issue will clue you in to what he's been doing with himself since (besides being all mysterious and shadowy and stuff). Ms. Marvel faces her deadliest enemy yet… herself! Anything goes with two Ms. Marvels running around, but who's the real deal? Let's hope our hero gets to the bottom of this mystery before her current boy-toy Wonder Man's head explodes in MS. MARVEL #26!


The Skrulls aren't the only aliens in the spotlight, though, as April brings ANNIHILATION: CONQUEST #6. It's up to a ragtag group of cosmic heroes to stop the threat of Ultron and save the universe in this series finale! Wondering why we haven't mentioned any of the X-Men yet? Well, we've been sworn to secrecy until after "Messiah CompleX" ends, so we can't tell you anything yet… but let's just say ol'Chuck Xavier's beard has never looked better! Check back later for details on what to expect from the X-teams in April.


The "March on Ultimatum" reaches its conclusion in ULTIMATES 3 #5. Who killed the Scarlet Witch? What is the Ultimatum? And while we're at it, why does Joe Mad's art look so freaking AWESOME?! Meanwhile, the Fantastic One—wait a minute, the Fantastic ONE?! What's the Thing doing cradling the bodies of the Human Torch and the Invisible Woman? Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch have a lot of explaining to do in FANTASTIC FOUR #556!


It looks like Jigsaw's channeling Chucky, and that can't be good news for Frank Castle. Learn what makes this villain tick in PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL #18, and maybe even find out what revenge-plot he's hatched this time. Roland's got his work cut out for him as he finds himself in the realm of Thunderclap in THE DARK TOWER: THE LONG ROAD HOME #2. Though we're not really certain where that is, we can tell you that it sure doesn't sound like visiting Disney World on a sunny day!

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