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Study Deadpool's Art of War

Peter David makes the Merc with a Mouth an author this October, and discusses how this new vocation could destroy the world!

Deadpool the assassin, the mercenary, the Thunderbolt; all titles we could expect from our favorite Merc with a Mouth. But Deadpool—the author?

Well with the help of writer Peter David and artist Scott Koblish, Wade Wilson might just make it to the “New York Times” Bestseller list in their new series DEADPOOL’S ART OF WAR—assuming he doesn’t cause the end of the world first.

David chatted with us about what we can expect from the book and how it connects back to Sun Tzu’s “Art of War,” the ultimate guide to waging battle.

Marvel.com: What do readers need to know about the original “Art of War” when coming into this new series?

Peter David: Nothing. The whole point of the comic is to introduce people to the original concept. I’m fully expecting that most readers haven’t read the “Art of War” and that this will be their first exposure to it. If it prompts them to seek out a more detailed translation, that’s fine.

Marvel.com: Deadpool isn’t exactly what one could call a “tactical” or “careful” thinker, how is this going to affect his advice on how to win a war?

Peter David: It’s actually kind of interesting. He’s guided by the words of Sun Tzu and tries to apply the book’s thinking to the war that he winds up starting as a result. His results are, shall we say, mixed.

Marvel.com: Deadpool intends to start his own world war to drive up book sales. Deadpool is an assassin, and wars have been started via assassination, but beyond that connection can you give any hints as to how he might set things off?

Peter David: Let’s just say that he decides the best way to go about it is the bring gods into it, because gods’ wars are always the most destructive.

Marvel.com: Do you try and get in Deadpool’s head when writing him or that too dangerous a prospect?

Peter David: I try. Whether I succeed or not, I leave to the readers to decide.

Marvel.com: If you were Deadpool’s editor at the publisher, what notes do you imagine you’d have to give his first draft manuscript?

Peter David: Needs to be [saner].

      Marvel.com: How do you approach writing comedy into a super hero book? Is it the same as going gritty or cosmic? Or is there something special about getting people to laugh while reading?

      Peter David: If you do it right, the comedy flows naturally out of the story. You don’t just go into it saying “I’ll be funny.” That’s the best way to wind up not entertaining anyone.

      Marvel.com: You’ve written Wolverine a number of times; do you plan on playing with the power set of Deadpool in any ways that are distinct from others with healing factors?

      Peter David: He winds up sustaining way more injury than Wolverine ever has under my writing, and the healing process happens in a more tongue in cheek fashion.

      Leap into battle with DEADPOOL’S ART OF WAR by Peter David and Scott Koblish this October!



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      I think that if you say deadpool or wade Wilson you are describing the word and action of war.