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The Punisher

Before He Meets Black Widow, Check Out These Five Punisher Team-Ups

Frank Castle doesn't play nice with other heroes, even when they have an enemy in common!

Black Widow has gone up against a number of hard-hitting bad guys and bumped into colleagues like Daredevil and Winter Soldier so far in her ongoing series, but she's about to experience a whole new kind of Marvel team-up. This August, THE PUNISHER and BLACK WIDOW will crossover in the middle of a firefight in the Pacific Ocean – and you better believe they'll be aiming at least some of that gunfire at each other. The Punisher doesn't exactly have a spotless record when it comes to dealing with super heroes. Check out these five classic Punisher team-ups, presented here in chronological order!

1. The Punisher & Spider-Man

Shortly after his debut, The Punisher allied himself with Spider-Man. Of course this team-up happened after Frank Castle had appeared as the wall-crawler's gun-toting adversary in a handful of issues. The two joined forces to take down the criminal called Tarantula, and Spider-Man even got to hang out in one of the Punisher's secret bases! Feeling a bond starting to form, Castle made sure to call off their play date once Spider-Man started asking personal questions.

2. The Punisher & Captain America

This super hero odd couple first crossed paths back in 1980 during one of the Punisher's strategic maneuvers against the mob. That strategy involved gunning down anyone and everyone involved with the criminal organization, and that didn't sit right with Cap. The two fought briefly on a rooftop – The Punisher stopped Cap's tossed shield just by stepping on it! – before a hail of mob bullets forced the two opposites to work together.

3. The Punisher & Ghost Rider

After blaming each other for the new weapons flooding the streets, the Spirit of Vengeance and the Spirit of Vigilantism teamed up to take on the real bad guy: the over-dressed villain named Flag-Smasher and his gang of beret-wearing ruffians. The chains and bullets fly in this issue, and you'll even get to see the Punisher hitching a ride on Ghost Rider's flaming motorcycle—a sight more "awww" inducing than you would believe considering the parties involved. 

4. The Punisher & Wolverine

Wolverine/Punisher #2

Wolverine/Punisher #2

Frank and Logan met up again in the middle of a Central American jungle, except these two "old friends" had to get a fair amount of fighting out of their system before any real team-up could happen. Wolverine ended up taking a few bullets for a lowlife criminal because the X-Man felt the guy deserved a fair trial before an execution.

5. The Punisher & Daredevil

With every major costumed crime organization in the Marvel Universe hunting for the Omega Drive in his possession, Daredevil had no other choice than to ally himself with The Punisher and Spider-Man. This time around, Frank played by the other heroes' rules – but his protégé didn't. DD engages in a one-way stare down with another vigilante wearing a big white skull, and he learns that he can trust her even less than he does the original Punisher.  

Frank and Natasha cross paths in THE PUNISHER #9 and BLACK WIDOW #9, on sale August 6!

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