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Marvel 75th Anniversary

Follow the History of Daredevil Pt. 12

The Man Without Fear returns to New York City where a vast array of villains awaits!



In 1964, Marvel premiered one of its enduring and exciting super heroes, Daredevil. Whether in his secret identity as blind lawyer Matt Murdock or using his enhanced radar senses, DD stood out from the crowd as an unrelenting crusader for justice.

To celebrate 75 years of Marvel, 50 years of the Man Without Fear and the upcoming debut of “Marvel’s Daredevil” on Netflix in 2015, we look back on the hero of Hell’s Kitchen’s remarkable history!

To leave his recent past behind, Daredevil returned to New York City in 1975, but found only more trouble, more turmoil, and more terror, thanks to a cadre of criminals, a rival vigilante, and a new hero with a whole lot of power at his hands.

      DAREDEVIL #117 told of how the Black Widow joined with Shanna the She-Devil to rescue our hero from the clutches of one of his oldest enemies, the Owl. At battle’s end, Matt Murdock explained to Natasha that he’d be returning to the East Coast, perhaps for good.

      After aiding the famous non-team against the Grandmaster and the Prime Mover in a game for Earth in GIANT-SIZE DEFENDERS #3, Matt flew back to New York City in DAREDEVIL #118 and into a brand-new case involving the Ringmaster and his Circus of Crime, including a new member, the wily Blackwing. Then, trouble at Fogwell’s Gym in DAREDEVIL #119 produced a new Crusher, courtesy of the nefarious Dr. Jakkelbur.

          Though he thought he’d left the Black Widow behind in San Francisco, Matt watched as she returned to New York, too, in DAREDEVIL #120, but a kidnap plot on Foggy Nelson by El Jaguar and HYDRA drew our hero’s attention. Learning that S.H.I.E.L.D. planned to recruit his old law partner, Daredevil tried to block the advance of the Supreme Hydra’s Dreadnought in DAREDEVIL #121, but ultimately failed to stop it from grabbing Foggy.

          A desperate search by the Man Without Fear, the Black Widow, and Nick Fury in DAREDEVIL #122 turned up the combined forces of the Supreme Hydra—in reality crime boss Silvermane—his Dreadnought, El Jaguar, Blackwing, Mentallo, and the Man-Killer. In DAREDEVIL #123, a final battle with HYDRA freed Foggy, but opened up an escape avenue for Silvermane and Blackwing.

              Daredevil once again helped the Defenders in DEFENDERS #24-25, that time versus the racist Sons of the Serpent, and alongside Power Man and the Son of Satan. Matt lost Natasha again in DAREDEVIL #124, but drowned his sorrows in a new mystery, that of a pulp character come to life: Copperhead. While Foggy prepped his new crime computer to boost his campaign to be re-elected as District Attorney in DAREDEVIL #125, Matt confronted Copperhead with knowledge of the deadly vigilante’s true identity and drive for revenge.

              In DAREDEVIL #126, our hero witnessed the death of a new villain, Torpedo, but also the criminal’s power-suit falling into the hands of someone else: an ex-pro quarterback who tried to keep the technology from falling into the wrongs hands. DD mistook his intentions in DAREDEVIL #127, and a fight between the two men ensued. Until their swath of destruction convinced both that a better path to compromise existed.

                  To end his strenuous year, Daredevil struggled with the return of the strange Death-Stalker and a new weapon constructed from an alchemist’s mirrors in DAREDEVIL #128, but a supposed alien interrupted their conflict, walking on steps made from stars into the sky above.

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