Original Sin

From the Masters to Magneto, Witness Marvel's 5 Most Shocking Reveals

Before Original Sin drops a bombshell, we're running through past game-changing cliffhangers!



In true event comic fashion, every issue of ORIGINAL SIN so far has blown minds—no disrespect intended to the late, great Uatu the Watcher. But all of those recent reveals—even the return of the Orb—will seem like nothing compared to the answers contained within this week's ORIGINAL SIN #6! We're gonna find out who pulled the trigger! With that in mind, we've compiled a list of five other reveals that shook the Marvel Universe to its very core. You'll have to check out ORIGINAL SIN #6 to see how it compares to these shocking twists, presented here in chronological order!

1. Surprise, it's Magneto!

After getting separated from his teammates in the prehistoric Savage Land, Angel befriends a kindly old man with helpful technology and a persuasive nature. Angel trusts the white-haired fellow so much that he agrees to distract the X-Men for him, playing right into the malicious mystery man's plan. Just as soon as the winged mutant flies away, the master manipulator returns to his quarters and reaches for his helmet—a familiar red and purple one! Yep, this issue shows what Magneto looks like sans helmet for the first time!

2. Surprise, they're the Masters of Evil!

The citizens of the Marvel Universe cheered loudly when the Thunderbolts arrived on the scene to fill the void left by the missing Avengers and Fantastic Four. This new team of heroes had catchy codenames like Songbird and Citizen V and even flashier costumes. The Thunderbolts seemed to good to be true—and that turned out to be a correct assessment! On the final page of their debut issue, the team revealed themselves to be the super villain team called the Masters of Evil!

3. Surprise Cap, he's Bucky!

Captain America got the surprise of his life when he rescued Sharon Carter. The S.H.I.E.L.D. agent had seen her captor's face, and she had recognized it as the exact last person anyone would expect to be back from the dead. Bucky, Cap's kid sidekick from World War II, had risen from his grave and grown up to be the merciless Russian assassin known only as the Winter Soldier!

4. Surprise, she's a Skrull!

The New Avengers thought they had their work cut out for them just by tussling with Elektra and an army of Hand ninjas, but their troubles more than tripled after Elektra's lifeless body hit the ground. The master assassin's form had shifted into an unmistakable green alien; Elektra had been a Skrull all along. But when did she get replaced? Why did the Skrulls replace her? And who else could be a Skrull? Those questions—and a whole lot more—propelled all of Marvel's heroes into SECRET INVASION, an event that contains even more big reveals!

5. Surprise, it's Thunderbolt Ross!

The Red Hulk's identity had remained a secret ever since his debut, with fans speculating that everyone from Nick Fury to Steve Rogers had endured exposure to gamma rays to become the all-new anti-hero. This issue of HULK solved the mystery once and for all, though, as the Red Hulk reverted back to his human form—General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross! The Hulk's greatest antagonist had transformed irrevocably into the very creature he had mercilessly hunted, resulting in one of the most tragic twists in all of Marvel history!

Find out who shot the Watcher in this week's ORIGINAL SIN #6!

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