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Happy Birthday

Wish Kang A Happy 50th-Or 5,000th-Birthday

Kang the Conqueror debuted way back in 1964...or maybe 1963?

The time-traveling conqueror known as Kang has been tormenting the Marvel Universe for thousands of years. With his futuristic weaponry—and incredibly snazzy green tunic and thigh high purple boots—Kang's been more than a match for pretty much every super hero team around. And thanks to his mastery of time travel, the blue-faced one was able to travel back to ancient Egypt and manipulate Apocalypse before the immortal mutant grew into adulthood. 

Kang first appeared 50 years ago this month in AVENGERS #8 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Okay, Kang first appeared 50 years ago this month; his alter ego Rama-Tut first appeared about a year before that in FANTASTIC FOUR #19. And, well, then there's Immortus, who will appear for the first time in AVENGERS #10, but we're talking about Kang right now! Focus!

The issue opens up with the Avengers making their way to Tony Stark's mansion amidst a crowd of excited onlookers and autograph seekers. Upon arrival, they answer a red alert call from the Pentagon and first witness the mighty power…of Kang! He's colorful and he's got a thirst for conquest! The Avengers rush to confront the time-traveler at his ship's intrusive parking spot.

      You know Kang's gonna be trouble because the Avengers step up on him and he doesn't even feel the need to get up out of his anti-grav recliner. No one can interfere with Kang's desire to chillax! After displaying a formidable knack for not allowing the Avengers to mess with him, Kang starts to monologue.

          Kang hails from the year 3000, which makes him around -986 years old right now, but he traveled back in time to the year 2950 B.C.—nearly 5,000 years in our past. He took on the identity of Pharaoh Rama-Tut before splitting to go back home, but a mechanical failure left him stranded in the even further future. Kang decided to make the most of his situation and used his cunning intellect to build up an empire and steal a whole mess of tech from those future people—tech that he then used to deflect mighty Mjolnir!

              Kang captured most of the Avengers immediately, leaving only the Wasp and teenager Rick Jones free to enact a rescue plan. While the Wasp made a run back to Henry Pym's lab to grab a super blaster, Rick Jones and his Teen Brigade went about infiltrating Kang's mobile fortress. Turns out, they just had to ask.

                  Once inside, the Teen Brigade sabotaged Kang's operations and bought the Wasp enough time to drop the laser blaster into Giant-Man's hands.

                      With Kang's uniform and technology rotting and decaying right off of him, the Avengers banded together to deliver the finishing blow to the would-be conqueror. Kang high-tailed it out of the 20th Century, thus ensuring his eventual return to confuse and combat the Avengers at a future...or past...date!

                      Check out Kang's current attempt at conquest in the pages of UNCANNY AVENGERS!



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