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Love on the Rocks: Earth's Mightiest Heartbreaks

Tis better to have loved and lost than never loved at all...except maybe if you're an Avenger

By Eric Drumm


All this Skrull business wreaks havoc on personal relationships. As SECRET INVASION creeps ever closer, the New Avengers struggle more and more with issues of trust and truth. Even the strongest bonds of love can break during this tenuous time, as can be seen in NEW AVENGERS #38 when Jessica Jones contemplates walking out on Luke Cage. His skin may be unbreakable, but he has the heart of a softie. With their potential breakup looming, Cage and his woman could be joining a virtual graveyard of inter-Avengers relationships. It's an old tale of heroes falling in love and then falling apart. Keeping the flames of romance alive while avoiding Ultron's death beams and one megalomaniacal would-be world conquerer after another has always proven a mite bit difficult. Join us as we take a look back at some of Earth's Mightiest Hearbreaks (and preview a smattering of pages from NEW AVENGERS #38).

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On the heels of a one night stand, these two kids tried to make it work when a baby girl entered the equation, making it official with a trip down the aisle. Stepping into the role of both family man and team leader, Cage fought not only for justice, but for his wife and young daughter. Then they came across a dead Skrull... With tensions running high, Cage's trust in Jessica has all but disappeared, hurting their relationship more than any two-bit villain ever could have. Even if neither of them turns out to be a Skrull, the damage done may be too much to bear. CAPTAIN AMERICA AND DIAMONDBACK Like a Marvel Universe Romeo and Juliet, these two proved more than star-crossed lovers. Despite his standing as an Avenger and her membership in the Serpent Society, Cap's studliness overpowered Diamondback so much that she actually turned her back on her evil brethren to fight for the side of good. The Serpents tried to make her pay for her betrayal, but with Cap's help she eventually escaped their clutches. However, seemingly doomed from the start, Cap and Diamondback went their separate ways. Cap's death certainly puts a wrench in any reunion plans, eh? THE PYMS Love hurts, or so they say. In the case of Hank Pym and the Wasp, the saying proved literal. As founding Avengers, their love seemed as strong as the mighty team they helped form. Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne served together blissfully until Hank, increasingly paranoid, started to snap. In a fit of rage, Hank assaulted Janet, leading to his expulsion from the Avengers and their divorce. Since then the two have maintained an uneasy tolerance of each other. Trying several times to reconnect, they still fail to make it work for any significant length of time. Janet has gone on to have flings with both Iron Man and Hawkeye while Hank recently shared a saucer of milk with the sultry Tigra, so the notion of a reconciliation looks to be out of the question. HAWKEYE AND MOCKINGBIRD Love at first sight might be a load of hooey, but Hawkeye and Mockingbird sure make a strong case for it. First teaming up to take down Crossfire, the two love birds got hitched soon after and formed the West Coast Avengers. But later, when Bobbi Morse (no relation to Marvel.com Assistant Editor Ben Morse), aka Mockingbird, allowed an enemy to die, it drove a wedge between her and her husband. They eventually reunited, but sadly tragedy struck before they could enjoy it when Mockingbird sacrifced herself to save Hawkeye from Mephisto and their love went up in smoke. Ol' Clint has found some solace in the arms of many a lass since hif wife's death, but regaining his pretty bird remains one target he'll never hit. THE VISION AND SCARLET WITCH He may not exactly be a man, but Wanda Maximoff loved the android Vision with all of her conflicted heart and mind. As Avengers, their love grew as they battled their way through the years. They solidified their relationship with a wedding, and Wanda hexed herself up a pair of twin boys for them to parent. Then she went crazy. In the earth-shattering "Avengers Disassembled," the Scarlet Witch's power spiraled out of control. Wanda's bad mojo sent a Quinjet crashing into Avengers Mansion, infected Vision with a nasty case of the Ultrons and turned She-Hulk into an almost unstoppable monster. Poor old Vision got torn in half-literally-by Shulkie. The Vision has since found new life inside Iron Lad's armor, however Wanda's current whereabouts-and memories-remain dicey at best. It's hard to forgive when your lover causes you to almost kill all your friends, so it may be safe to say their affair is over. Then again, hex powers can do the darnest things ... Grab your tissues to wipe away the tears when NEW AVENGERS #38 hits stores February 13. Happy Valentines Day, kids!

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