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SDCC 2014: Spider-Woman

Dennis Hopeless and Greg Land launch Jessica Drew into Spider-Verse and a new ongoing series!

“Every Spider-Man ever” might the promise of Marvel’s epic fall Spider-Man event, Spider-Verse, but it’s not just the spider-men who get in on the action. Jessica Drew, the original Spider-Woman, will also have a major part to play, and the story will also launch her into her own new ongoing series from writer Dennis Hopeless and artist Greg Land.

Spider-Verse brings together spider-themed heroes and villains from all kinds of different worlds. We asked Dennis and Greg to drop a few hints about where Jessica might find herself in such a tangled web, and to tell us what role new introduction Silk will play in their story.

Marvel.com: Spider-Woman has a long and storied history and she's played many roles. How would you best describe her role in this new ongoing series?

Dennis Hopeless: Because we’re opening the series in the middle of a big sprawling war story, Jessica plays a few different roles right out of the gate. Issue one is a little bit “Saving Private Ryan” with Jessica as Tom Hanks trying to keep her spider-platoon alive while executing a dangerous mission. Later issues will find Jessica all alone and undercover behind enemy lines. It’s hard to go into much detail without spoiling anything but these first few issues are chock full of wartime danger and intrigue. Where we go from there depends on how the Spider-Verse war turns out and who survives to the end.

Marvel.com: What's Jessica’s involvement in the Spider-Verse story?

Dennis Hopeless: I can’t speak to Spider-Woman’s relationship with the larger Spider-Verse story. I’d hate to accidentally spoil something cool. Within the confines of our story, Jessica is an experienced soldier who the Spider-army trusts to send on dangerous side missions. Jessica doesn’t get the easy stuff.

Marvel.com: Does the story involve any of the other Spider-women?

Dennis Hopeless: Yes indeed. Silk, Spider-Gwen and Anya Corazon/Spider-Girl all play big roles in our first arc. Personality differences and character quirks make writing their dialogue so much fun. Apart from being spider-powered, these women don’t have a whole lot in common, and it shows.

Marvel.com: I hear there's a multi-dimensional aspect to this story, so what are you two most looking forward to exploring?

Greg Land: I am looking forward to—and at the same time dreading—the challenge of imagining and designing new environments and people that have a unique look. They should look like they could possibly exist. Meaning, I want them to seem realistic even if they are alien to us; so that they have a presence in their world that makes them look logical and yet otherworldly.

      Dennis Hopeless: The main Spider-Verse story will be dealing with the more established alt dimensions, so we’re leaning into the dark forgotten corners of the multi-verse. I love weird sci-fi and horror so I’m looking forward to doing a bit of twisted world building. I can’t wait to see what Greg does with the crazy alternate universes we visit in issue #1.

      Greg Land: The animals at the start of the story should be fun to figure out.

      Marvel.com: Greg, what's your approach to bringing the world of Spider-Woman to the page?

      Greg Land: My approach to the story and characters is to gather up as much reference on them that I have. I will go through my comic collection and pull out my old Spider-Woman stuff so that I can get a feel for her—her type of movements, her powers, etc. She has such a cool graphic costume and, combined with her long flowing hair, she is going to be a blast to draw. [Editor] Nick [Lowe] said there will be some intense action scenes in the story, so I am getting pumped up to see how the page designs turn out!

      Marvel.com: Silk looks like an intriguing character with a very interesting visual. Are you guys excited to get a chance to help establish her?

      Greg Land: Silk has a very cool graphic look that will be fun to play around with. The blacks in the design are going to look powerful in different lighting situations, especially coming out of dark areas. It seems like she and Spider-Woman will be having some good verbal jabs back and forth. This gives me material for some nice, varied facial expressions and body language.

      Dennis Hopeless: Silk's personality makes her the perfect foil for Jessica. She has this wet-behind-the-ears enthusiasm that’s a ton of fun to write because it drives Spider-Woman completely insane.

      But yeah, it’s a little intimidating using a new character so early. We’ve snatched Silk straight from the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN oven and plan on beating her with various narrative sticks before giving her back. Hopefully Dan [Slott] approves.

      Missed the convention? Relive it with our coverage at marvel.com/sdcc2014 including the latest news, exclusive videos, image galleries and more!

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      Thats a little mean Bunnywith.  Although she has become skinnier since the 70s in the art work.  I am just glad that she is back.


      Oh Jessica, you deserve a better artist. Someone who doesn't just trace porn stars.


      I wonder if Spider-Prime from Ultraverse will show up...


      SW needs a costume upgrade, even Silk's costume looks better than hers.

      rj155500 member

      Its about time!!!!  She needed her own solo series.  This is long overdue.  


      Will the MC2 Spider-Girl(Mayday Parker) show up in this series? That would get me to buy it. 


      are they planning to gradually transfer again the title Spider-Woman to another character(Silk)?


      Excited for a new ongoing SW series. Not so excited for Greg Land...

      justintefft plus member

       Very cool.  I'm looking forward to seeing both Jessica in her own book again and Silk as she goes through character development.  Looking forward to a fun event.