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San Diego Comic-Con 2014

SDCC 2014: Death of Wolverine

In the wake of Logan's demise, Charles Soule and Salvador Larroca resurrect the Weapon X program, more dangerous than ever!

Coming this November, DEATH OF WOLVERINE writer Charles Soule and stories X-Men artist Salvador Larroca reveal the beginnings of a new threat in the five-issue DEATH OF WOLVERINE: THE WEAPON X PROGRAM limited series.

How does this new WEAPON X PROGAM connect to events yet to unfold in DEATH OF WOLVERINE and THE LOGAN LEGACY? We catch up with Soule and Larroca to get some enticing clues and much more!

Marvel.com: What interested you most about tackling this new WEAPON X PROGRAM story?

Charles Soule: Well, let me point out right off the bat that the story here, while tied to the original Weapon X program in some ways, takes off from and goes to entirely new places. I don't think Salvador or I would be interested in just retelling stories we’ve already read. Weapon X has been a very cool story engine, but I was [interested] in taking some of its concepts and moving forward with them. We’ve already seen a lot of stories about the super-cool super-soldiers that spin out of research programs like Weapon X—this is something different, and that’s what interested me.

Salvador Larroca: Any history about Weapon X is interesting, in and of itself, so we’ll try to expand this mythology to a new level.

Marvel.com: Without giving too much away, how quickly will we learn more about the mysterious figure in the shadows from DEATH OF WOLVERINE?

Charles Soule: It’s a fairly organic process. I like layered reveals, where you start with one premise and then it evolves as you learn more about the characters and their situations. So, we’ll understand what was happening in DEATH OF WOLVERINE fairly early, but it’s more about where it goes that will be important for both THE LOGAN LEGACY and this story.

Marvel.com: Can you give a hint of how THE WEAPON X PROGRAM has ties to THE LOGAN LEGACY limited series?

Charles Soule: They’re very tightly linked, to a degree that it’s proving to be an extremely challenging task to make sure everything matches up the way we all want it to. Without spoiling too much, LOGAN LEGACY #1 starts at a certain point in the stories of a whole bunch of very cool characters; folks like Sabretooth, and X-23, and many others, including a bunch of new guys that spin out of DEATH OF WOLVERINE.  Then, the two series diverge both in time and characters, to see how every got to that point. Then, we’ll pick them all up again after we’ve learned a ton about them, where they are, their motivations, how they’ll work together, and so on.

It’s a little dizzying, but now that it’s almost completely written I feel pretty good about the way the puzzle pieces all fit together. I think of the 12 issues—seven of LOGAN LEGACY and five of the WEAPON title—as being one big, incredibly cool story that’s going to feel very rich and exciting.

Wolverine’s gone, but that doesn't mean we don't have great stories to tell. In fact, his absence gives us opportunities we’d never otherwise have, and I’m very jazzed about that.

      Marvel.com: Again without giving away critical details, can you talk about what kind of action scenes and settings you find yourself drawing courtesy of Charles’ scripts?

      Salvador LarrocaAs a professional, I’ll try to fit my skills to the writing in order to tell this story properly. I’m sure we'll have strong visuals here. As a fan, I’m sure I’ll enjoy Charles stories—I love his stuff.

      Marvel.com: Do you make suggestions to the colorist as to ways to heighten the level of danger and suspense to the narrative?

      Salvador LarrocaYes, I send suggestions to the colorist, in order to enhance the necessary feeling required in every shot. I have done that for years.

      Marvel.com: You are one of Marvel's most beloved X-Men artists. What is it about the X-Universe that clearly connects with you and causes you to love working in that universe so much?

      Salvador LarrocaWell, I grew up reading and loving these characters, they’re my family.

      Marvel.com: Can we look forward to any unexpected guest stars or other types of surprises in DEATH OF WOLVERINE: THE WEAPON X PROGRAM?

      Charles Soule: Of course! That’s part of the fun of comics. There’s a weird bad guy who shows up in issue #1, someone more associated with Deadpool than anyone else. Issue #3 has a huge cameo, and then issues #4 and #5 have their share of surprises too. The whole thing is a giant puzzle box—again, those layered reveals—and I almost can’t believe it all works. But it seems to!

      Marvel.com: In terms of this collaboration what have you most enjoyed about working with each other?

      Salvador Larroca: Teaming with such a talented guy is always a pleasure; I’m sure that readers will enjoy this new [creative] team!

      Charles Soule: I agree. I’ve enjoyed Salvador’s work for so long, that knowing that he’ll be drawing these scenes is wonderful.  Honestly, all you can do when you write a story like this is put your story in the hands of the artist and hope for the best. With Salvador, I’m not even worried—it’ll be perfect.

      Missed the convention? Relive it with our coverage at marvel.com/sdcc2014 including the latest news, exclusive videos, image galleries and more!


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