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Guardians of the Galaxy (Movie)

Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy: The Essential Reading List

Keep your GOTG good times rolling with the comics that inspired Marvel's latest feature film phenomenon!

If you saw "Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy" over the weekend, odds are you still have adrenaline pumping through your body and a ridiculous grin plastered on your face. Heck, you've probably kept one eye on the sky just hoping that a Ravager ship will come and take you away to the insanely awesome corner of the universe depicted in the movie. Odds are that will never happen, what with "Guardians" being a work of fiction and all, so you might want to take your eyes off the sky and direct them towards some comics.

The action-packed galaxy depicted on the big screen comes straight from the Marvel GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY line of comics, meaning that there are plenty of intergalactic adventures with Star-Lord, Gamora, Rocket and the rest just waiting for to be read! Here are some starting places designed to get you up to speed on all things Marvel Cosmic and to further your Guardians fandom!

If you're looking for more information on the colorful stones at the heart of the film's plot, look no further than this modern day classic. You'll get the lowdown on every one of the desirable items and see them put in action by the big bad himself—Thanos! Nebula also makes a standout appearance in this storyline—but if you really want more of the blue-skinned baddie, you should see her take on all of the Avengers in AVENGERS #318.

Drax has been around in the comics for a long time—longer than all of his teammates save Groot. But the version of Drax that has risen to prominence in recent years emerged in this limited series. You'll witness the death and rebirth of the Destroyer as a knife-wielding brawler with a body covered in intimidating red tattoos.

Annihilation: Conquest - Starlord #1

Annihilation Conquest: Starlord (2007) #1

The modern day Guardians took their first steps towards formation in this series, which pushed Peter Quill back into the spotlight after decades in the shadows. Star-Lord and his ragtag band of cosmic misfits, including Groot and Rocket Raccoon, must help stop the spread of the invasive alien race called the Phalanx!

This is it—the start of the team's definitive era! Writer Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning mix their apparent affection for the forgotten corners of the Marvel Universe with their knack for incredibly witty dialogue and heartbreaking drama to create a comic unlike anything else in the galaxy. Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Groot, Rocket, and more form the first line of defense against the biggest threats in the cosmos.

If you're looking for a more recent jumping on point, then check out the current run by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artists Steve McNiven and Sara Pichelli! The main Guardians crew from the film forms the backbone of this series, with big time guest stars like Iron Man and Captain Marvel swinging by to do some heavy lifting! This series is packed full of the kind of rapid-fire wit that brought the film to life.

Coinciding with the film's release, Marvel's launched two all-new ongoing series starring Rocket and Peter Quill. The duo of Rocket and Groot take the spotlight in ROCKET RACCOON, written and drawn by Marvel's mightiest cartoonist, Skottie Young. LEGENDARY STAR-LORD features unfiltered Peter Quill action courtesy of Sam Humphries and Paco Medina, meaning that the titular space pirate gets in way over his head and stays there!

"Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy" is in theaters now!

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agree with graouh.  am enjoying this gotg run from bendis but it feels like he doesn't think they are strong enough to stand on their own.  captain marvel and venom seem totally out of place here.  and the issues around the trial of jean grey demote the gotg to comic relief for the xmen.  the team-up series is gonna be worse as the gotg are paired with the most useless avengers ever.  sunspot, hyperion, spider woman, not a man thor, starbrand, ect....thank god hawkeye and black widow are there to save the avengers side from total suckage.  the gotg should take the spotlight here but we'll see what the next issue brings.


I usually like Michael Bendis work, but his guardians of the galaxy feel like a band of sidekicks for the avenger of the month sent in space.

GotG as avengers in space is a very bad idea from my point of view, as well as the new super-hero costumes for some of them (the Peter Quill's one really feels out of character).

solarflareq member

@GRAOUH thats because they aren't superheroes , none of the members in the film aside from groot have any true superpowers in the comics they had some psy powers from cosmo and mantis and they had the quasars infinity gauntlets monmentaily as well but mostly their group is or was a rag tag team of misfits.