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Thanos By Jim Starlin: The Road To Revelation

Check out Starlin's greatest hits before picking up the new Thanos original graphic novel!

Few creators have made as big of an impact on the cosmic corner of Marvel Comics as Jim Starlin has. As the creator of characters like Gamora and Drax, as well as one of the brains behind Captain Marvel and Adam Warlock's biggest adventures, his contribution to the current state of Marvel's cosmic line of comics can only be measured with the word "immeasurable." We haven't even touched on Starlin's biggest and baddest creation in his four decades of work—Thanos!

The writer/artist returns to one of his earliest creations this week in THANOS: THE INFINITY REVELATION. But before you crack open the all-new 100 page epic, featuring appearances by everyone from the Guardians of the Galaxy to the Annihilators, check out these highlights from Starlin's long history with the Mad Titan!

Thanos debuts alongside Drax in this unlikely adventure from Starlin's brief run on IRON MAN. The armored Avenger travels to Titan, one of Saturn's moons that just so happens to be home to an entire race of technologically advanced beings—including a vengeful, prune-chinned bad guy named Thanos! The feud between Drax and Thanos kicks off here, and continues for the next few decades.

The creator's work with Thanos continued when he soared over to CAPTAIN MARVEL. The Kree hero first clashed with the Mad Titan not long after Starlin took over the book. Thanos' mad mission: to steal the reality-altering Cosmic Cube and thus gain total power over the universe!

Thanos next began to torment Adam Warlock when he began his career as a headlining hero. This time around, the Titan brought his adopted daughter Gamora with him, pitting the deadliest woman in the galaxy against Warlock's strange abilities—until the trio had to become unlikely allies against the might of Magus!

Starlin's original Thanos story reached its cataclysmic conclusion in the pages of AVENGERS ANNUAL #7, wherein the purple one sought to rejoin his ladylove Death by using the Infinity Stones to destroy himself—along with a few billion other beings. The combined might of the Avengers and Starlin's previous leading men—Captain Marvel and Adam Warlock—proved enough to prevent the end of the universe.

Thanos returned to prominence again in SILVER SURFER #34, and had his first interaction with the title hero in the following issue. The 22-page pep talk laid out Thanos' new plan for universal destruction, and gave the Surfer a new mission: stop the villain at all costs.

The appropriately named THANOS QUEST limited series depicted the Mad Titan's, well, quest to claim all six Infinity Stones for himself once more. Of course, the stones already belonged to other beings that regretted ever ending up in Thanos' crosshairs.  

Starlin once again elevated Thanos to a cosmic-level threat in this milestone limited series. Every hero on Earth had to band together to stop Thanos from doing the one thing he believed would impress Death—killing everything.

Jim Starlin reunites with the Mad Titan once more in THANOS: THE INFINITY REVELATION, on sale today!

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Ok, so I just bought and read the latest creation called Thanos:  Revelation.  I love Jim Starlin and Thanos, but this was a miss.  I had huge expectations and this story left me searching for more pages (but not in a good way....in a way that was more like searching for a story I wanted to read).  It just didn't have the magic or the plot of the 'Thanos Quest' had, or the 'Infinity' series.  So if you're expecting something like those treasures...keep looking.  I wanted soooo badly to enjoy this and even despite being a superfan, I can't deny this story somehow fell flat and seemed lacking in something.  Not sure what it was, but it seemed after reading this book, it felt like NOTHING happened and one could simply not read this and get the same amount of impact out of it.  The only real huge revelation was that Death actually spoke to him.  I know that's a huge deal, but not sure if its worth 25 bucks.  Again, I love Starlin and Thanos, but I'm just trying to remain objective. 


Man,the Thanos saga was one of more well written stories Marvel has ever produced.Its epic.


Is thanos to powerful to be interesting? He can wipe the floor with thor and the hulk what's the challenge?


@were1234  On many occasions, I would totally agree with you but Thanos is the exception.  Why?  Because he's cerebral.  He's not superficial.  Just one example:  The Thanos quest.  It was a beautifully written story and is one of those comic that can be read over and over again.  During the story, Thanos more often uses his intellect to outsmart his opponent, not simply overpower him.