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Marvel Original Graphic Novels

Tuesday Q&A: Jim Starlin

The creator of Thanos talks about returning to the Mad Titan for the Infinity Revelation original graphic novel!

A brand-new original graphic novel starring the Mad Titan himself, Thanos, would normally be cause for celebration, but when it features the work of writer-artist Jim Starlin, creator of Thanos, and also contains the return of Adam Warlock, then we’ve got something to really shout about.

We checked in with Starlin to get the lowdown on THANOS: THE INFINITY REVELATION—also featuring the inks of Andy Smith and colors of Frank D’Armata—on sale this week, what it means for the Titan to make this new journey, and how it feels to once again be working in the grand cosmic world he made his name in.

Marvel.com: How does it feel to be returning to these characters for INFINITY REVELATION?

Jim Starlin: Like hanging out with old friends you haven’t seen in quite a while.

      Marvel.com: Why would Thanos embark on this quest at this time? Where's his head at that makes this important?

      Jim Starlin: The Titan feels there’s something wrong with himself and the universe. At first it’s an elusive worry but soon events occur that confirm his unspoken fears. [When] that happens, Thanos has to act.

      Marvel.com: He’s searching for what you call the Ultimate Question; what sort of scope and scale does it have and what could Thanos do with it?

      Jim Starlin: Well, from the start it’s about reality: a person’s perception of it and molding it to one’s own desires. The tale could easily be subtitled, “Beware What You Wish For, You Might Get It.”

          Marvel.com: Why would Adam Warlock and Thanos, usually enemies, want to work together on this quest?

          Jim Starlin: They’ve worked together in the past. But this time I think the Titan wants Adam along because he doesn’t quite trust his own judgment and perspective on the matter; Warlock goes along to minimize the damage.

          Marvel.com: A lot of Marvel’s cosmic characters will be showing up in INFINITY REVELATION; who are some of the ones you’re most excited about using what are their roles?

          Jim Starlin: The Silver Surfer and the Annihilators—antagonists; Drax, Rocket and Groot—conversationalists; and the Living Tribunal, Eternity and Infinity—concerned citizens.
              Marvel.com: How else would you describe the story arc in the graphic novel? Is it part of a larger work of yours?

              Jim Starlin: It’s about creation and the subconscious and what a dangerous mix that is. It’s also the first of a trilogy of graphic novels I'm doing with Thanos and the Marvel Universe.

              Marvel.com: You’re also using Thanos in a story for SAVAGE HULK—what’s fun about that for you?

              Jim Starlin: You kidding? Thanos, Pip the Troll, Annihilus and the Hulk: what more could a kid ask for?

              Marvel.com: And what are your thoughts about Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” film?

                  Jim Starlin: Loved it! Can't wait [to] go see it a second, third, fourth, who-knows-how-many times. That's one I'll definitely be owning a DVD of.

                  Get THANOS: THE INFINITY REVELATION, on sale this week!



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                  rj155500 member

                  Hulk is the strongest there is . . . . . until he meets Thanos.  Black Bolt's voice can destroy planets and hurt celestials . . . . but it doesn't do anything to Thanos.  Is anybody else sick of this?