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See Old Friends and Meet New Foes in Inhuman #4

The Mighty Thor visits the pages of Inhuman, with art by Ryan Stegman!

Marvel is pleased to present INHUMAN #4, from critically creators Charles Soule and Ryan Stegman!

Inhumans are being hunted across the globe, snatched up by those who would use their powers for ill. As Medusa struggles to rebuild the Inhuman kingdom from her new seat of power in New Attlian, there are those who would seek to depose her. And Attilan will receive a visitor from another royal kingdom – The Mighty Thor, Prince of Asgard! But does he come this time as friend…or foe? And who is the mysterious Inhuman named Reader, with the power to bring to life anything he reads? Operating in secret, the spreading cloud of Terrigen Mists have forced him out of hiding. But who will he side with?

Don’t miss one moment of the action as Marvel All-New Young Gun artist Ryan Stegman takes over series art duties this August with INHUMAN #4!

      INHUMAN #4 (MAY140855)

      Written by CHARLES SOULE
      Art & Cover by RYAN STEGMAN
      Variant Cover by JOE MADURIERA (MAY140856)
      ON-SALE 08/27/13

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      "critically creators"?

      that just woke the grammar nazi in me...