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Meet Four Of Deadpool & Hawkeye's Common Foes

See how these two marksmen compare before they go head to head this October!

Bullets go up against a bow and arrows in the upcoming limited series HAWKEYE VS. DEADPOOL. The two wisecracking weapon-toting scrappers will face off this October in a tale written by Gerry Duggan with art by Matteo Lolli.

To get ready for their upcoming meeting, we've tracked down the times that these two have tangled with the same foes. Just going by this list, see if you can get an idea about how the throw down will play out.


Hawkeye tussled with the armored Avenger in his debut appearance, and his arsenal actually made a dent in the hero's armor. Tony got temporarily tripped up on the archer's net arrows, but Hawkeye split just as soon as his boss Black Widow became injured. Deadpool fared a little better against Iron Man in DEADPOOL (2012) #7—of course, the Merc with a Mouth sucker punched a down-and-out Stark from behind with a champagne bottle. Hawkeye lost because of chivalry, and Deadpool won because of trickery.


Wade Wilson literally met his match when he went up against the mercenary mimic codenamed Taskmaster. But the skull-faced assassin did not expect the unexpected when he fought Deadpool, who used his unpredictability to throw Taskmaster for a loop. Almost two decades prior to that altercation, Hawkeye surprised Taskmaster by showing up to fight him with an Ant-Man at his side. While Clint didn't score a decisive victory in AVENGERS (1963) #223, he did scare the villain away from the circus he had taken over and he saved all the civilians placed in jeopardy.


Cap and Clint have rarely seen eye to eye, although the two have forged a unique friendship thanks to their years on the Avengers. That doesn't mean the two don't fight things out every now and then. Captain America tried to stop Hawkeye from going off on a revenge mission, but our man in purple fought back hard. Barton knocked Cap out with a shocker arrow and immediately hightailed it. Deadpool went up against the Sentinel of Liberty in DEADPOOL (2008) #47 after the merc got set up by an evil twin. Cap came at Deadpool hard, hitting him with a flurry of punches and kicks. Wade only managed to break away after hitting Rogers with his own shield.


Both Wade and Clint have squared off against a rampaging Hulk before, and both were exercises in stalling. Deadpool crossed paths with the jade giant because he needed a sample of the Hulk's blood. He accomplished that task by impaling the creature on a road sign. Note to heroes: that's the downside of leaping straight up in the air and leaving your opponent conscious on the ground. Hawkeye ran afoul of a savage She-Hulk in AVENGERS (1998) #74. He avoided all of her smashing attempts thanks to his quick reflexes and succeeded in his task of getting the wild Jen in front of the only person who could talk some sense into her—Bruce Banner. When that plan didn't stop She-Hulk, Clint shot Banner with an arrow and unleashing his inner beast to deal with the problem.

Find out who comes out on top in HAWKEYE VS. DEADPOOL this October!

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who comes out on top? deadpool and hawkeye. its always a tie or some lame ending. boo. still buying it tho

Badnamer plus member

Deadpool also nuked the hulk twice... just saying. :)