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From Butchers to Minotaurs - The Essential Thor: God of Thunder

As Jason Aaron's Norse-heavy ongoing comes to a close, we present the Reading Guide of Thunder!

Thor Odinson will call down the lightning one last time when the final issue of THOR: GOD OF THUNDER arrives on September 17. But just because the God of Thunder will be calling it quits doesn't mean that the series' writer will say the same.

Jason Aaron will be teaming up with incoming artist Russell Dauterman to introduce an entirely new—and equally mighty—God of Thunder in the all-new THOR #1. But before the new Thor gets deemed worthy, we thought we would take a moment to run through the can't miss issues from THOR: GOD OF THUNDER—before its storm passes over our heads for good.

The series kicked off with three Thors, three timelines, one mystery, and dozens of god carcasses. When the vengeful Gorr the God Butcher emerges from the shadows and lives up to his deadly nickname, Thor realizes that he has no choice but to track down the serial killer and bring him to justice.

Gorr's plans could not be deterred, and the madman seemed poised to finally pay off in the far future. Armed with a Godbomb designed to destroy every deity in the universe, Thors from a trio of timelines had to band together—with additional help from Old King Thor's three granddaughters—to stop Gorr from fulfilling his deadly dream.

As the smoke caused by the Godbomb settled, the modern-day Thor returned to Midgard to check in on his human allies. This heartfelt series of vignettes explores what Thor means to the human race—specifically Jane Foster and Roz Solomon, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.!

To put a stop to Malekith the Accursed and his army of marauding dark elves, Thor has to form a task force featuring the bravest warriors from all of the Nine Realm's races. But a number of twists and turns await the Thunder God in this realm-hopping adventure as some of the members of his ragtag ensemble prove to be anything but trustworthy.

Thor's younger self and a down-and-out dragon take center stage in this tale of friendship unlike any you've ever seen in a Marvel comic. The God of Thunder's own hubris transforms into humility, changing Thor forever, when he's challenged by an unexpected friend-turned-foe.

Two tales of Midgard's potential last days unfold in this story set in both the present day and the far future. The malevolent Roxxon Corporation, as well as their new minotaur CEO, sets out to destroy Broxton. As the tiny Oklahoma town's guardian, Thor has to fight a villain he's never faced before—corporate greed. Meanwhile in the future, the cosmically powerful entity called Galactus returns to the Earth seeking to devour it once and for all—except the Purple One has to get past Old King Thor first!

THOR: GOD OF THUNDER concludes its epic adventure this September!



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rj155500 member

it was a great run.  There isn't one single issue in this book that I didn't like.  Gorr of course being the most memorable of arcs.