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Happy Birthday

Wish Crossbones A Happy 25th Birthday...If You Really Want

Crossbones made his first cameo appearance this month back in 1989!

Of all the mercenaries in the Marvel Universe, Crossbones might just be the most relentlessly villainous. He only takes jobs from the worst of the worst—mostly the Red Skull—and pulled away from any helping hands extended his way during his stint as a member of the Thunderbolts. The guy's bad news and he has few redeeming qualities; even his long-term romantic relationship with the Red Skull's daughter thrived on causing mayhem and inflicting pain on others.

So maybe ol' Brock Rumlow doesn't deserve a cake and presents, but you know, it's still his birthday.

Crossbones first appeared in CAPTAIN AMERICA #359 by Mark Gruenwald and Kieron Dwyer. Unbeknownst to Captain America and his sidekick Diamondback, Crossbones had been hired by the Red Skull to trail the duo as they searched all over the globe for a complete set of Bloodstone gems. Readers first glimpsed Rumlow in silhouette.

Crossbones kept tabs on the hero and his personal jet, following the Avenger's trail from the Amazon to Bermuda in CAPTAIN AMERICA #360.

      CB got closer than ever before in CAPTAIN AMERICA #361, when he snuck on board Cap's personal Quinjet and spied on John Jameson—the pilot formerly known as Man-Wolf.

          Crossbones finally made his big debut in CAPTAIN AMERICA #362, and he even got to be on the cover!

          Diamondback had uncovered the lifeless body of the original Baron Zemo in the cargo hold of the new Zemo's ship. Before she could piece together the Baron's plan, Crossbones jumped her. The merc also had the rest of the Bloodstones in his possession—at least he did until they flew out of his hand and reformed on the elder Zemo's corpse.

              Young Zemo's plan to use the reconstructed Bloodstone to resurrect his dead dad didn't go exactly as planned. Instead, an alien entity called Hellfire Helix took control of the body and threatened the lives of everyone in its vicinity. Crossbones and Cap actually worked in tandem to take out the threat!

                  With the Bloodstone shattered once more and his mission completely ruined, Brock took Diamondback prisoner and escaped. Captain America mounted a rescue mission in CAPTAIN AMERICA #363, bringing the hero face to face with Crossbones for the very first time. The two would cross paths numerous times over the next few decades, as 'Bones played an prominent role in the assassination of Steve Rogers just following CIVIL WAR!

                  You can catch Crossbones' latest dirty deeds in PUNISHER!



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                  rj155500 member

                  Hope they stick with him in future Capt. America movies.