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Marvel 75th Anniversary

Follow the History of Elektra Pt. 2

Back from the dead, the female warrior sorts out her feelings for Daredevil, saves Wolverine, plus many more adventures!

From her introduction in 1981, Elektra stood out as a different kind of character. Beautiful yet lethal, she possessed a violence and skill sufficient to challenge the deadliest men in the Marvel Universe, yet a more complex persona lay beneath her sharp exterior.

Elektra became in many ways the avatar of Frank Miller’s acclaimed run on DAREDEVIL, and remains an integral part of the Marvel Universe to this day. As part of the 75th anniversary of Marvel, we look back on her tumultuous saga.

The next era of Elektra’s life and career as one of the most feared assassins on Earth brought her not only closer to learning more about herself, but also to helping others see themselves and their true paths.

      After her last resurrection, Elektra reentered Matt Murdock’s life at a point when Daredevil’s descent into darkness threatened to engulf him whole. In DAREDEVIL #322, the strange Snakeroot entity drained Elektra’s essence from her former cyborg associate John Garrett and transferred it into a corpse, creating a dark version of her called Erynys.

      When in DAREDEVIL #325 the struggle between Erynys and the Man Without Fear reached its most dangerous phase, Elektra leaped in to pick up the fight from Matt. Daredevil threw one of Elektra’s sai at an opportune moment, spearing both incarnations, returning her dark half and killing Erynys. Later, in DAREDEVIL #330, Elektra tried to renew her relationship with Matt, but he spurned her advances.

          The mutant Wolverine benefited from the female warrior’s efforts next. In WOLVERINE #100, Elektra, sequestered with her mentor Stick, sensed Logan’s inner turmoil and decided to help him to regain his path in the light. She saved his life in WOLVERINE #102, and began a training regiment with him in WOLVERINE #103, wherein the feisty Canadian hero learned a valuable lesson and saw his true destiny once more.

          After a trip through their respective pasts, via Gateway, in WOLVERINE #104, Elektra suggested they now possessed knowledge that would restore Charles Xavier to his right mind after the Onslaught event. She then parted ways with Logan, unsure of her growing feelings for him in WOLVERINE #106.

              In ELEKTRA #1, Elektra sought to establish a new dojo, a training facility for the martial arts, but in doing so also created a dance company with aspirations for stage shows. After a violent rematch in ELEKTRA #2 with Bullseye, the man who’d once murdered her, she entered into the weird orbit of a being known as the Architect in ELEKTRA #4. The Architect requested no less than his own assassination by her hand, but Elektra’s firm denial of the job rankled him in ELEKTRA #5.

              Preparing for her dance company’s first off-Broadway show in ELEKTRA #6, Elektra contended with further trouble from the Architect, but when Dr. Strange came to her aid in ELEKTRA #8, the problem vanished. In AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #424, she stopped the wall-crawler from killing a ninja, thus showing him the right path, then fought and killed two of the Four Winds in ELEKTRA #9.

                  Elektra found herself once again reunited with Daredevil in ELEKTRA #10, but by ELEKTRA #13, her chance of a happy future with Matt fell apart as they disagreed over the suicide of a mutual acquaintance. In ELEKTRA #14, she entered into battle with the Hand, the society of assassins who’d trained her originally, and after a long struggle assumed control of the ninjas as their leader in ELEKTRA #19.

                  Elektra finished the old millennium by standing at Spider-Man’s side once more to clash with the Silencer in PETER PARKER, SPIDER-MAN/ELEKTRA ’98.

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                  I like electra assoation with the thunderbolts