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Original Sin

Original Sin #7 Chat with Tom Brevoort

Before the final chapter of this summer's major Marvel event, hear exclusively from the series editor!

On September 3, all secrets surrounding the Watcher's death and more will stand revealed in ORIGINAL SIN #8! But before the final chapter begins, we got series editor Tom Brevoort to once again answer your questions and share exclusive insight. Replay the chat below!

Live Blog Original Sin #7 chat with Tom Brevoort



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I think what's upsetting the most is what we don't know what he whispered to Thor. not to mention that Thor is old in the BEGINNING of the new Thor arc... so how the heck is a Female Thor going to fit into that storyline? it just doesn't make sense.. I know they say #8 is going to reveal alot, but I still don't quite think they are going to reveal everything in one last issue, a few answers here and there would have been nice.... but instead we have to wait till the end?! 


LOL what a failure... probably should've advertised this more ahead of time, huh?


I'm confused is original sin before the current cap story line if it is how does thor still have the hammer?