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Happy Birthday

Join the Party and Wish the West Coast Avengers a Happy 30th Birthday

The first Avengers spin-off team debuted back in 1984!



Considering the size of the Earth and the number of super-powered threats that menace it on the regular, a super team located anywhere other than New York City actually makes a lot of sense.

For a decade, the West Coast Avengers protected everything west of the Rockies from big deal bad guys—and they adventured across the globe and into outer space as well. With Hawkeye at the helm, this Avengers squad grew from a kooky quintet to a powerhouse super team.

West Coast Avengers #1

West Coast Avengers #1 cover

The West Coast Avengers first appeared in WEST COAST AVENGERS #1 by Roger Stern and Bob Hall. The ball really got rolling in AVENGERS #243 when Vision, the newly appointed Avengers chairperson, recognized the need for a second team—and gave Hawkeye the job of getting it off the ground. Hawkeye and his wife Mockingbird relocated to Los Angeles and purchased a 15-acre estate from an old silent film star in AVENGERS #246. The team's proper debut started with two Avengers and an empty compound.

      A quick check-in with the Vision revealed that the synthezoid had already sent out the call to potential members. First up: Greer Grant Nelson, a.k.a. Tigra. Vision's call came just as the feline heroine finished up a stint working for Jessica Drew.

          Tigra then left Jessica's office in a hurry without answering any questions, leaving the former Spider-Woman worried about her friend's safety.

          Hollywood stunt man Simon Williams became the next hero to heed the Vision's call.

              The super-strong super hero rocketed away from the movie set, flying as fast as his belt-jets could carry him. James Rhodes answered the call next and used his Iron Man suit to fly down to Los Angeles from Tony Stark's newly acquired Silicon Valley headquarters. Iron Man and Tigra arrived at the compound first—along with an uninvited guest.

                  With two potential recruits gathered, Hawkeye began his sales pitch. The team would operate much like the New York one, with a chairperson—Hawkeye—heading up a group of six heroes. Hawkeye, Mockingbird, Iron Man, and Tigra made four—just two more to recruit. But before anything could be finalized, the compound's security systems went on alert.

                      Mockingbird and Hawkeye encountered the intruder first, but the mystery man escaped by turning into a black mist. He ran into Iron Man next, followed by the just-landed Wonder Man. But before Simon could knock the shrouded figure out for good, Tigra leapt into action.

                          The figure turned out to be the Shroud, a super powered individual hired by Jessica Drew to make sure Tigra hadn't gotten into trouble. With an empty spot to fill on the roster, Hawkeye extended membership to the vigilante.

                              Shroud turned it down, saying that joining the Avengers would negate his reputation as a criminal—a reputation that he frequently used to stop criminals from inside their organizations.

                              If you want to see the team take on the super villain Graviton—or find out if the WCA ever got a sixth member—you can read the team's debut limited series on Marvel Unlimited!

                              For more spin-off Avengers action, be sure to check out MIGHTY AVENGERS!

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