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Marvel Remembers Stan Goldberg

The legendary artist made indelible marks in the comic book field, including creating the color schemes for Spider-Man & more

Marvel Comics reflects with sadness upon the passing of Stan Goldberg, artist, colorist, and gentleman. His contributions to the field cannot be overstated, being one of the foundation blocks of the Silver Age of comic books.

Goldberg, like many of the young, hungry artists of his generation, found work at Marvel’s predecessor, Timely Comics, in the trend-setting 1940’s. There he grew versatile in the art of coloring, worked alongside the artistic legends of that era, and quickly rose to the position of manager in Timely’s coloring department.

After he became a freelance artist in the 1950’s, Goldberg found his way back to Timely, then called Atlas, and worked on the titles and stories that led to the company’s transformation into Marvel Comics. Always seeking growth in his career, he soon began to pencil and ink, working on Marvel’s many humor books, such as MILLIE THE MODEL, and as a true chameleon, adapted his style to fit the changing needs of that creative time.

One source of pride for Goldberg came in his original color-schemes for Marvel’s burgeoning line-up of stars, such as Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, the Hulk, and others.

      As the 1960’s ended, he went to work for Archie Comics, where he’d stay and grow for decades with the company’s timeless teen characters. In 1994, his close association with both Marvel and Archie brought him an incredible task: illustrating the Archie portion of THE PUNISHER MEETS ARCHIE, as well as drawing its cover.

      Ever the consummate artist, Goldberg continued to work into the new millennium, providing his unique style to several publishers and characters. Excited to be part of MARVEL 75th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION #1, he enthused over being reunited on a Peter Parker story in it with longtime friend and Archie partner Tom DeFalco.

      On a personal note, this author had the good fortune to interview Goldberg about this project only weeks ago. He drew me in immediately with reminisces and anecdotes about his incredible career. I was so honored to be talking with him and hearing about his past and present work, as well as what the future might hold. He was definitely one of the true greats of comic books, and I know he’ll be sorely missed.




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      NeonDwarf member

      the world will miss you goldberg, we all love you, youre PRESENCE in the marvel universe was amazing, i hope aNy sons or daughters you might have live to be healthy and happy


      He is pretty awesome.He done a really good job.