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Matt Murdock's adventures take him around the world in pursuit of his archenemy!



In 1964, Marvel premiered one of its enduring and exciting super heroes, Daredevil. Whether in his secret identity as blind lawyer Matt Murdock or using his enhanced radar senses, DD stood out from the crowd as an unrelenting crusader for justice.

To celebrate 75 years of Marvel, 50 years of the Man Without Fear and the upcoming debut of “Marvel’s Daredevil” on Netflix in 2015, we look back on the hero of Hell’s Kitchen’s remarkable history!

The resurrection of a lover, a trip to Japan, and a brutal encounter with one of Daredevil’s greatest foes topped the agenda for 1983, but in the end the year served as a reminder that all he really needed amounted to a little help from his friends.

Though Matt Murdock and the Black Widow raced to stop him, the Hand’s assassin Stone succeeded in resurrecting Elektra in DAREDEVIL #190, completely rocking our hero’s world. Later, in DAREDEVIL #191, he appeared in the hospital room of one of his deadliest enemies, Bullseye, to force the crippled killer to play a game of Russian roulette—fixed, of course.

While the Kingpin exerted tremendous pressure on reporter Ben Urich in DAREDEVIL #192, Matt sought answers to a heist of missiles on a cruise ship in DAREDEVIL #193, then clashed with the so-called “Congregation of Righteousness” in DAREDEVIL #194.

      An employee of the mayor found himself diagnosed with a terminal illness in DAREDEVIL #195, so he organized a killing squad to dispatch criminals as a final parting gift to the city. His plan expanded to included vigilantes when at a party an inebriated Heather Glenn let slip Daredevil’s secret identity and made Matt Murdock a very big target for the squad.

      A mysterious group kidnapped Bullseye from his hospital bed in DAREDEVIL #196, and after his abductors ran into some interference from Wolverine, they spirited the crippled criminal off to Japan. Heading to the Land of the Rising Sun, DD rescued the daughter of the crime lord who’d kidnapped Bullseye and discovered the man’s plan to make the assassin walk again in DAREDEVIL #197.

          In DAREDEVIL #198, Lord Dark Wind laced Bullseye’s bones with adamantium, granting mobility. Apparently the villain didn’t appreciate his generosity, for he turned his back on his benefactor in DAREDEVIL #199 to return to America. Daredevil witnessed Yuriko kill her own father, and then headed back to New York City himself.

          Bullseye immediately attempted to return to employ of the Kingpin in DAREDEVIL #200, but in order to do so he had to kill Matt Murdock once and for all. The hero and his foe clashed brutally in Matt’s father’s old boxing ring, and despite sustaining injuries, Daredevil won the day and Bullseye ended up in prison for a long, long stay.

          After the dust cleared, a wounded Murdock looked to the Black Widow to help him seek out someone trying to kill his former partner, Foggy Nelson, in DAREDEVIL #201.

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