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Annihilation Week

TGIF: Annihilation Memories

Annihilation Week concludes as the folks behind the magic look back on their favorite moments from the cosmic epic

By Ben Morse We've spent all week here at Marvel.com celebrating Marvel's crazy cosmos, looking at the Annihilation saga and all the diverse and exciting branches coming off that particular tree. But now it's time for the people behind the curtain to have their say. Marvel.com reached out to editors and creators associated with Annihilation in the past and present to get their favorite moments from the outer space epic. It's Friday, so kick back, relax and enjoy.
DAN ABNETT (co-writer of NOVA, ANNIHILATION: CONQUEST): My favorite moment, as a fan, has to be Nova's final face off-or should that be 'out'-with Annihilus [from the first ANNIHILATION mini-series]. A real wow moment. We're just putting together the sixth and final issue of CONQUEST, and I'm hoping that we're going to deliver a few wow moments of our own, inspired by the high standards Keith set. As a creator, I have very fond memories of that original NOVA mini series, which laid the groundwork for all that's followed. And the Conquest event has been a blast-getting to write both Warlocks, and seeing Tom's amazing artwork rolling in each day.

BILL ROSEMANN (Marvel editor): I remember seeing the very 1st piece of Annihilation art-that awesome ensemble shot by Gabriele Dell'Otto for the ANNIHILATION PROLOGUE-and right away everyone saw that Marvel was turning it's sights on their sci-fi heroes. Over Joe [Quesada's] run as [Marvel Editor-In-Chief], Marvel had targeted top talent on the Spider-Man, the X-Men, and the Heroes groups...and now it was time for this sandbox to get the love. Ever since that piece of art set the tone, each creator has picked up the baton and carried forth the message: "Marvel's cosmic characters are cool!" TOM RANEY (artist of ANNIHILATION: CONQUEST): I'll have to go for the big reveals in [ANNIHILATION: CONQUEST #1].

Getting the chance to revisit Adam Warlock after so many years away was a real blast! I've always enjoyed the character, and had enjoyed my time working on him before. So, it's kind of like calling up an old friend. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Tom worked on the WARLOCK CHRONICLES mini-series back in 1993] The big unveiling of Ultron was so much fun because of the out of left field nature of the whole thing! No one expected him to show up, and the reason he's there is so clever...I'm just glad I got the chance to be involved with it. STUART MOORE (writer of ANNIHILATION: HERALDS OF GALACTUS): I only had a small part in Annihilation, but it was a great job because I got to take Stardust, a character who was basically a blank slate, and figure out just who

he/she/it was. I really got into the idea of this immensely powerful being, a herald of Galactus, who came from a world where life had never evolved past creatures made out of subatomic particles-but which nevertheless had been a thriving, beautiful civilization. Then-editor Andy Schmidt suggested an idea about Stardust's relationship with Galactus, and the whole thing clicked into place. Big-scale, high-concept science-fiction fun with a little kick at the end. MIKE PERKINS (artist of ANNIHILATION: CONQUEST PROLOGUE): Like [Marvel.com assistant editor and writer of this column] Mr. Ben Morse, I've always been a massive Nova fan. So, to see him to return to prominence throughout the Annihilation sagas has provided me with many a happy moment.

I loved the Kevin Walker/Rick Magyar artwork from the original [NOVA] mini leading into the first series and the incredible scene in the final issue of ANNIHILATION where Nova pulled out Annihilus' innards will always remain a highly unforgettable moment-particularly when I walk past the meat counter in the supermarket. I loved teaming up with Abnett and Lanning and would do so again in a heartbeat. As soon as I read the script for the CONQUEST: PROLOGUE I knew I had to illustrate it. Space mercenaries, Kree Sentries, Techno Zombies...what's not to love!! CHRISTOS GAGE (writer of ANNIHILATION: HERALDS OF GALACTUS and QUASAR): My favorite moment as a creator: getting to use old school villains like the Space Parasite and the Super-Adaptoid and-hopefully-make them seem cool in the context of the sci-fi epic that is Annihilation without revamping them.

Favorite moment as a fan: Groot and Rocket Raccoon. 'Nuff said! WELLINTON ALVES (artist of NOVA): I think what is most important is that this is a very well written [series] that achieves not entertainment, but makes us think about life, death, love and all those important things that make us human. [It doesn't] matter what powers Richard Rider has, he's one of us. MIKE LILLY (artist of QUASAR): For me, my favorite Annihilation moment would be the return of Adam Warlock-Him. Being a fan of the character from the early FANTASTIC FOUR issues, through all the appearances in the INFINITE GAUNTLET stories and his own comic with the Infinity Watch-which I believe QUASAR inker Bob Almond worked on-I missed this mysterious and powerful cosmic entity and longed to see...Him...back in the fold. To have a chance to draw Warlock emerging from his infamous cocoon was a thrill for me as an artist, as well as getting to render

the Super Adaptoid, the Supreme Intelligence and of course the new Quasar. I'm a big fan of Marvel's cosmic universe so this entire mini-series for me was just a heckuva' lotta' fun and [an] honor to work on. JAVIER GRILLO-MARXUACH (writer of SUPER-SKRULL and WRAITH): The first time I saw page 10 of [ANNIHILATION: CONQUEST #2]-the splash panel features three heroes I created-Wraith, Ra-Venn and Praxagora-one i rebooted-Super-Skrull-and another whose ass i kicked in the WRAITH mini-Ronan! LAUREN SANKOVITCH (Marvel assistant editor): [My] first day of work, suffering from sensory overload, I'm asked by Your Man at Marvel himself, Bill Rosemann, if I liked sci-fi stuff...cuz I just jumped aboard the Conquest Express! Being the Nerdy McNerditon that am I, of course I completely geeked out and breathlessly read through the entire first Annihilation saga with my heart in my mouth. I emerged from that cataclysmic cosmic cornucopia with the certain knowledge that whatever we cooked up next had to be even bigger and awesomer than this! And guess what! It's happening right now!

I was then, am now, and forever-will-be a card-carrying member of the Corps...the Marvel Cosmic Corps, that is! TOM BREVOORT (Marvel Executive Editor): My favorite aspect of Annihilation was putting Nova back on the canvas in an interesting place, and letting him live up to his potential, giving him some unique ground to occupy within the Marvel line. I always liked the character, but on Earth he inevitably wound up as a second-rate Spider-Man. The character's really come into his own as the Lone Ranger of Outer Space. ANDY SCHMIDT (former Marvel editor and original Annihilation architect): For me, Drax killing Thanos was a great moment. It wasn't just that Drax finally got to do it. That was fine and dandy, it was what Drax was willing to sacrifice in order to complete his revenge. Drax knew Annihilus

was destroying everything and couldn't possibly be stopped without Galactus's help. Thanos was in the process of freeing Galactus when Drax stuck him. Drax was willing to sacrifice the galaxy to complete his mission. He had no way of knowing if he would be able to free Galactus after Thanos died or not. He just saw Thanos and killed him. The man's got stones. I liked that. DOUG SMITH (creator of The Nova Prime Page): I'd have to go with the scene in ANNIHILATION #1 where Rich Rider has a moment to reflect on what he's lost by fighting the war. When he's looking at the picture of his family, you feel the toll that leading an army against impossible odds has taken on him. Nova was no longer the happy, go-lucky -

kid from Queens. He was now a leader, a soldier, a man with the weight of the universe on his shoulders who was remembering what he was fighting for and what he has sacrificed.........aw, who am I kidding? I loved it when Nova ventilated Annihilus's greasy innards in ANNIHILATION #6!!! Thanks for joining us for Annihilation Week! The cosmic fun continues next week on Comic Book Resources with more great stuff on our favorite Human Rocket, Nova!

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