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Spider-Man and Araña

Spider-Man and Araña Special Seals Araña's Fate Spinning out of events from the Araña series, Spider-Man and Araña Special: The Hunter Revealed answers all of your lingering questions about Araña's superhero future and as well as questions about the ongoing war between the Wasp and the Spider-Clan. Devoted fans and reviewers will be happy to see that Anya Corazon is back, and this time she has some help in the form of a certain web-slinger in all-new costume. Barry Shaffner of PaperbackReader.com says Araña is "perfect for the 'tween' age group and readers of any age that love a good story." "The comic industry can use a lot more books like Araña," says InsidePulse.com. Arana will indelibly be forever altered with the conclusion of this 48 page special. Araña will finally learn her true destiny as the Hunter in the Wasp/Spider-Clan war and lives sure to be lost as a result. "Araña has been a welcomed addition to the Marvel Universe, and will become an even more important member of the Spider-Man family this year," says Marvel's Vice President of Sales David Gabriel. "She's gotten major media attention, and will be doing some things that will make the rest of the world sit up and take notice! She's here to stay!" Read Spider-Man and Araña Special: The Hunter Revealed to see Spider-Man in his new duds and learn Araña's future in the Marvel Universe...if she survives, that is.
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