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Joe Quesada made his return to "The Colbert Report" last night, and if you weren't there to see it...shame on you! Your mother taught you better. But don't worry faithful Marvelites, we've got a full recap of the event's proceedings-and boy, was it a whopper. Joe Q informed the show's host Stephen Colbert, currently in possession of Captain America's shield, that Cap's successor has been chosen...and it's Bucky Barnes, not the stalwart late-night talk show host. Mr. Colbert seemed to take the news well enough when he discovered that his presidential campaign remains strong in the Marvel universe, though the question of his choice for a running mate remains unanswered. In other news, Quesada outted Senators Obama and McCain as Skrulls, suggesting they may be helping the Secret Invasion which is changing the face of the Marvel universe even as we speak. What will next bring our favorite EIC to the legendary "Colbert Report?" We can't say for sure, but Colbert and Q agreed to touch base and keep America updated with all the latest Skrull and presidential info. If our scintillating text wasn't enough for you, check out video from the appearance, courtesy of Comedy Central!
And be sure to check out our recap of Quesada's last trip to the Colbert Report!



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