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Weekend Preview: Marvel Comics Presents #6

COVER BY: DAVE WILKINS WRITER: MARC GUGGENHEIM CHRISTOS GAGE ROBERT VENDITTI RICH KOSLOWSKI PENCILS: DAVE WILKINS JOYCE CHIN JEREMY HAUN ANDREA DIVITO INKS: DAVE WILKINS COLORED BY: TONY WASHINGTON LETTERED BY: DAVE SHARPE THE STORY: CAPTAIN AMERICA leaps into action in WWII-and the Sentinel of Liberty's actions affect not just the fighting troops-but even a man judged unfit for combat! Plus-KA-ZAR and SHANNA bring together the tribes of the SAVAGE LAND to fight a common foe...but how long can they stay united? Meanwhile, Detective STACY DOLAN tracks down a wanted terrorist-one she thought she already put behind bars-and an unexpected guest star reveals his link to the mystery of the VANGUARD. And finally-Michael Pointer, the GUARDIAN, has been hearing things...things he does not want to hear...in WEAPON OMEGA. Rated A ...$3.99 IN STORES: February 13, 2008
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