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Marvel Remembers Stéphane Peru

On Monday, Feb. 11, Stéphane Peru, a talented, passionate, up-and-coming artist passed away of an apparent heart attack at the age of 26. At Marvel, Peru made a name for himself with his work as a colorist on titles like ULTIMATE X-MEN, INCREDIBLE HERCULES, ANNIHILATION: CONQUEST, AVENGERS: THE INITIATIVE, CIVIL WAR X-MEN, and most recently, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. On his blog, Marvel editor Nathan Cosby fondly remembers Mr. Peru as "a great guy, a true gentleman. Whenever I talked to him, he was always enthusiastic, always sunny in his disposition. He felt blessed to be doing a job he was passionate about, and his attitude was contagious. I felt blessed to know him briefly. " Looking back on his experience working with Stéphane on AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, editor Tom Brennan described him as "a boost of energy that took [artist] Salvador Larroca's already incredible work to the next level -- and he made it look easy... he became a friend through his warm, friendly and often hilarious e-mails. It's not hyperbole to say I can't remember a single e-mail he sent that didn't leave Stephen Wacker laughing out loud..." Executive Editor Tom Brevoort called Stéphane "a young guy with a boatload of talent, and a really promising career ahead of him." Marvel sends its condolences to Peru's friends and family. A small sampling of Stéphane's work appears below.



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