First Look: May 2008 Spider-Man Comics



The Brand New Day's in full swing, and so's Peter's career as a paparazzo. How low has Pete fallen that he needs to resort to this sort of muckraking? See what else our favorite webslinger has in store for him in May!
AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #558 Written by BOB GALE Pencils and Cover by BARRY KITSON The frighteningly funky and fearsome Freak returns, more powerful than ever! And this action-packed issue features the gorgeous art of Barry Kitson – fresh from Marvel's THE ORDER! Plus: Menace! Curt Connors! Aunt May! Lots of innocent bystanders! Gale wrote it, Wacker edited it, and Marvel actually thought it was a good idea to publish it! 32 PGS./Rated A …$2.99


AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #559 Written by DAN SLOTT Penciled by MARCOS MARTIN Cover by ED MCGUINNESS Peter Parker: Paparazzi! Part 1 of 3 "The Money Shot" The DB, New York's trashiest tabloid, has just hired the sleaziest, most muckraking, lowlife paparazzi of them all... PETER PARKER?! Say it ain't so, true believer! Also in this ish, J. Jonah Jameson finds inner peace and harmony... (Hey, it could happen! Maybe.) All this and the first ever livestreaming super-villain: Screwball! Dan Slott returns to Spidey, and he's bringing Marcos Martin (DOCTOR STRANGE: THE OATH) with him! 32 PGS./Rated A …$2.99


AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #560 Written by DAN SLOTT Pencils and cover by MARCOS MARTIN Peter Parker: Paparazzi! Part 2 of 3 "Flat Out Crazy" Are Pete's paparazzi pics inspiring a super celebrity stalker? Is he responsible for all of her grisly acts? Even if he is, what can Spider-Man do about it? How can anyone stop the flatout freaky powers of Paper Doll? Also: Miss this issue, and you'll miss out on SOMETHING YOU'VE ALL BEEN ASKING FOR!!! Write it down, Spider-fans, ASM #560!!! 32 PGS./Rated A …$2.99


SPIDER-MAN: WITH GREAT POWER... #5 (of 5) Written by DAVE LAPHAM Pencils & Cover by TONY HARRIS When Peter Parker was first bitten by that radioactive spider, he thought his celebrity status as the amazing Spider-Man was about to make life cushy. But he discovered right away that he couldn't escape the ol' Parker luck! After flirting with corruption and disaster on the rollercoaster ride of fame and success as a teen sensation, Peter may think he's getting it under control…but he's about to face the greatest challenge of his young life… 32 PGS./Cardstock Cover/Rated A …$3.99


AMAZING SPIDER-GIRL #20 Written by TOM DEFALCO Pencils & Cover by RON FRENZ It's the start of a Brand New May as Mayday Parker decides to make some startling changes when her mysterious stalker is finally revealed and Moose launches his first attack against Spider-Girl. 32 PGS./Rated A …$2.99

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